Subtitled Last COCKPIT Tape Shuttle Columbia Accident + Crew Audio





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Published on Dec 13, 2009

Subtitled last tape from the cockpit crew on the fatal re-entry. Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 was lost on its 28th mission
HQ version HERE: http://youtu.be/_rIHdk-_UoM .... The only surviving minutes on a piece of tape found on the ground ( +BBC in/outro) .. . . .►more info ►

Among the 80.000 recovered items later found on the ground was this videotape recording made by the astronauts during the start of re-entry. The 13-minute recording shows the flight crew astronauts conducting routine re-entry procedures and joking with each other. None gives any indication of a problem.
In this video, the flight-deck crew puts on their gloves and passes the video camera around to record plasma and flames visible outside the windows of the orbiter (a normal occurrence).
This recording, which on normal flights would have continued through landing, ends about four minutes before the shuttle began to disintegrate and 11 minutes before Mission Control lost the signal from the orbiter

Space Shuttle Crew:

Commander Rick D. Husband
Pilot William C. McCool
Mission Specialist 4 Laurel B. Clark
Mission Specialist 2 Kalpana Chawla

Miid deck : (not in video)
Ilan Ramon
Michael Anderson
David Brown

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"You have plenty of time. No rush" how many times in a day do we say that to someone. Live every moment like it's your last... Live long and prosper. RIP Columbia Flight 
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you cornball
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I know what's going to happen, but watching this just makes me want to reach out and touch them one last time, and know they were real. I know they were obviously real btw, but my heart goes out to them. Sorry, I know I must sound stupid, but it's so upsetting to watch. God bless them.
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hunter johnson
You don't sound stupid at all you just care, rip Columbia
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Cranston Snord
There were 135 space shuttle missions, two mishaps. If someone said to me, "here's a ticket to go up into orbit, but there's a 1.5% chance you won't come back alive", I'd have a hard time turning it down.
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kain hall
because thats how math works......simple 5th grade level math..... if i have 10 apples and i eat two.....20% of my apples are gone i might be an asshole for typing this..... but seeing how people have such low math skills REALLY explains why trump is in office....why people dont believe scientists/think god is more accurate than math....... i remember my class mates saying shit like "omg why do we have to study history.......its so old"
Eric Weisenhorn
sean marshall, 2 divided by 135 = .0148 or ~ 1.5%
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I bet nasa have the whole footage
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bryan chaides
[r00t] .1 it's true they admired they knew on takeoff that the shuttle was compromised. They decided not to tell the crew because they didn't want them to panic. To me that's wrong they could have said there last goodbyes to there family and been at peace but nasa thought different.
Dont Hert Dogs Gotthat
ya but if thay show it we will see that it was the shadowgovermint drones that did it
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tegoor.com is a spam site...be advised.
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matreyia its hot MILFS age 80+
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john jones
Nothing but respect and admiration for these astronauts RIP
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They should have kept the design by Wernher Von Braun and the German V-2 team who made the rockets to the moon
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Rest in peace.
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Yvan Imperionetti
+Sajeed Ragman WHAT YOU SAID?!
Sajeed Ragman
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Houston we has a problem....This chick won't shut her mouth or put her gloves on!
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CSXer For all we know, she was in n out of her seat so many times she probably tripped on the ejection cord.
Teresa Everett
CSXer I was thinking the same thing LOL how many times is she gonna say she is gonna put her gloves on and why is she talking so much??? Rest Peacefully 💔
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Serclf s
The crew was alive for a small period of time before the shuttle was completely lost. The woman who didn't secure her gloves and helmet died first due to asphyxiation.  Truly sad. I hope NASA has some sort of "just in case" thing in place where the crew can record a video to their familys before launch in the off chance that they don't make it back.
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That's called preparing for failure which never works because it implies you expecting failure and thus not thinking in terms of maximizing success.
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John Alvarado
I'll bet there's more to the tape than where it stops. NASA just would never release it in respect for the astronauts and their families.
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Mike Lewis
Scott D wrong. 100% it was a tape. They were not "streaming" that kind of feed over a UHF. Here is an excerpt "The partly scorched video cassette was found three weeks ago near Palestine in Texas, among the shuttle wreckage strewn across several US states. It was said to be "a miracle" that the tape survived." From: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/mar/01/columbia.spaceexploration
Scott D
John Alvarado There wasn't any goddamn tape. It was fed to houston via uhf signal. The transmission stopped during comms blackout which is when the burn-through happened. There may have been some audio of the breakup on the cockpit voice recorder assuming they recovered it in good shape.
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