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Published on Dec 11, 2009

a creationist calls in to prove god.
clip from http://www.youtube.com/FFreeThinker

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This man's brain is 99% banana milkshake.
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Modern Illusionist
numberstation Banana milk shakes are seriously gross. Can his brain be something like a shamrock shake from McDonald's? They taste great and they're only $1.75 for a limited time only, at selected locations.
Bo McGillacutty
The caller is clearly high on something at this point and indulges too much in general.
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kit p
"I'm not a prank caller, I'm really this stupid."
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James Cunningham
that's too fukkn funny!!!
Tony Montana
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Mike B.
I believe in God, from my Navajo perspective. But I completely reject the christian God. Why should me and my ancestors and my people be bound by what some dead Jew did and said 2K years ago as put forth in a book that the dead Jew didn't even write? Christians did terrible things to my people, and all indigenous people in the name of their god. Genocide justified by christianity. Forced assimilation and cruelty visited upon us by parochial schools. More recently, the Catholic priests in NM and AZ were preying on (molesting) young Navajo children for years and its finally coming to light and the church is settling lawsuits. And its no wonder there are so many social problems NAs face. And its disgusting that Christians can say, well those evil-doers believed in Jesus so they go to heaven, and heathens like me, and my ancestors will be "gnashing our teeth" in hellfire for eternity. I am supposed to say, forget my ancestors, I want to spend eternity in a golden heaven, praising the christian god, along side Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Sara Palin, and all those wicked Christians (past and present) who murdered my people? NO THANKS! I'll stick to what I know and what makes sense to me.
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Elizabeth Gaspodnetich
donepearce---Did you know that the Inquisition lasted a little over 500 years? I have read many many things about it and I have never looked at christians the same. Every one is freaking out about how horrible ISIS is right now, but if they would look at what the christians did when they started out they might find that they are just as guilty as those murdering pigs.
Elizabeth Gaspodnetich
Robert C.--- When the white man came to the Indians and put them on the reservations, the Catholic Missionaries took over. It was truly a horror story during this time. My Grandmother and all her siblings were raised in the Mission and they saw some of the most barbaric horrors done to this children she had nightmares about it all her life. When she first when to the mission she could not speak english. They tied her to a chair and beat her until she could speak English, and then she was restricted from ever speaking her native language ever again. She went to the mission when she was only 3 years old. There is no beast meaner than a catholic nun. I would love to live long enough to see a day when all of us can put away our sticks and rocks and just learn to get along on this earth. You don't see the animals fighting over who's god is the right one.
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Oh, god, as soon as he brought up Hovind and Comfort it was completely clear that this caller is full of shit.
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Upa Rangi
Hovind, father son duo.
Tatesa Spirit
+Chubby Pranks lol
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So many creationist callers seem to have slow, slurred speech.  Interesting?
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No lets not. But I wasn't - just commenting that it was slow and slurred, and that this seemed common to the religious callers. Virtue signalling is just a waste of everyone's time, you know.
T Sing
Hey I know this comment is 2 years old but lets not make fun of how people speak.
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Bad-Girl Bex
Dear America, We're so sorry about this caller. We know that there are enough crazy creationists over there on your side of the pond for y'all to deal with, without us allowing a dingbat from our shores to add to the problem. Please don't hold this against us. Sincerely Great Britain
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Say Ten
Yup, those pentecostalists sure are a nutty bunch of folks. They scared me off religion in a big way just when I'd've been vulnerable to theismic horse-shit, and so when their kids weren't hitting me for not going along with the in-'oids, who were twitching on the floor and gibbering, I guess my indifference was transformed into hostility. Another theistic own-goal ; hilarious.
Michael Rimmington
Unfortunately yes, there are creationists in the U. K. I have had the misfortune to hear one speaking, very badly, at a meeting at an Elim church. No I am not a member, as a volunteer driver I took a lady to the meeting. I was almost forcibly ejected when I pointed out what utter drivel the speaker was spouting!
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The fact the the town of Nazereth didn't even exist in the time of christ,...should tell you something about the validity of the historicity of the Bible.
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Tim Hyatt
Nazereth is supposed to have a hill, where Jesus was supposed to be taken for which to cast him down the hill....said hill DOES NOT EXIST at the location of Nazereth; it's a flat plain, with no hills that would be possible to throw someone down.....
Modern Illusionist
Poe397 Validity addresses the "structure" of an argument. The descriptive term you are looking for is "Soundness". Soundness addresses content. Many arguments in the Bible are valid with respect to their internal rules. Logic can't tell you whether a claim is true or not true. It can only describe the nature of an argument, known as "Syllogistic Structure". Two false premises can create a true conclusion. And two true premises can create a false conclusion. One of my favorite things about Philosophy is that is Contains a LOT of counterintuitive laws/rules. Here is a fact that definitely sounds wrong; "Belief is not a choice" It seems wrong doesn't it? Logic is a really fun subset of Philosophy.
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'But it's right there in the booaaook!' Fuck off loonie.
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Bob Lawblawblaw
+davids11131113 Parcelforce may be older than we all thought?
Tony Montana
+davids11131113 No i need toilet paper.
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Christa Stempel
ohhhh there's nothing quite like when Matt gets to talk about the bible he knows so well - it's so spine chillingly direct and real, hence so unlike all those apologist preachers worldwide --- yep, your christian god gives you instructions about what is wrong, or right, especially when you need to to know who to kill, or who to fuck, just in case you might confuse the two.
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Skeptic s
+TheMorttonOrc perhaps you're naive enough to think blindly follow doesn't exist.
Mark Shere
+TheMorttonOrc Millions do because they are brought up by parents to believe in it.  Why are most Americans Christian, Indians Hindu, Arabs Muslim, Vietnames Buddhist? - because they were brainwashed by their society.  WAKE UP.
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Dan Baldwick
Most Creationists are just stupid people who don't know any better.
Michael Dennis
+Dan Baldwick Dan. the problem is in the frustration is they refuse to think or learn
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