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Published on Oct 22, 2007

ASHREI (includes Psalm 145)
[Some congregations chant this responsively, Reader and congregation singing alternate sentences.]


Ash-rei Yo-sh'vei vei-te-cha,
od y'ha-l'lu-cha, se-la.
Ash-rei ha-am she-ka-cha lo,
ash-rei ha-am she-A-do-nai e-lo-hav.
T'hi-lah l'Da-vid:
A-ro-mim-cha E-lo-hai ha-me-lech,
va-a-va-r'cha shim-cha l'o-lam va-ed.
B'chawl yom a-va-r'che-cha,
va-a-ha-l'la shim-cha l'o-lam va-ed.
Ga-dol A-do-nai um-hu-lal m'od,
v'lig-du-la-to ein chei-ker.
Dor l'dor y'sha-bach ma-a-se-cha,
u-g'vu-ro-te-cha ya-gi-du.
Ha-dar k'vod ho-de-cha,
v'di-vrei nif-l'o-te-cha a-si-cha.
Ve-e-zuz no-r'o-te-cha yo-mei-ru,
u-g'du-la-t'cha a-sa-p're-na.
Zei-cher rav tu-v'cha ya-bi-u,
v'tsid-ka-t'cha y'ra-nei-nu.
Cha-nun v'ra-chum A-do-nai,
e-rech a-pa-yim ug-dal cha-sed.
Tov A-do-nai la-kol,
v'ra-cha-mav al kawl ma-a-sav.
Yo-du-cha A-do-nai kawl ma-a-se-cha,
v'cha-si-de-cha y'va-r'chu-cha.
K'vod mal-chu-t'cha yo-mei-ru,
ug-vu-ra-t'cha y'da-bei-ru.
L'ho-di-a liv-nei ha-a-dam g'vu-ro-tav,
uch-vod ha-dar mal-chu-to.
Mal-chut'cha mal-chut kawl o-la-mim,
u-mem-shal-t'cha b'chawl dor va-dor.
So-mei-ch A-do-nai l'chawl ha-no-f'lim,
v'zo-keif l'chawl ha-k'fu-fim.
Ei-nei chol ei-le-cha y'sa-bei-ru,
v'a-ta no-tein la-hem, et ach-lam b'i-to.
Po-tei-ach et ya-de-cha,
u-mas-bi-a l'chawl chai ra-tson.
Tsa-dik A-do-nai b'chawl d'ra-chav,
v'cha-sid b'chawl ma-a-sav.
Ka-rov A-do-nai l'chawl ko-r'av,
l'chol a-sher yi-kra-u-hu ve-e-met.
R'tson y'rei-av ya-a-seh,
v'et shav-a-tam yish-ma v'yo-shi-eim.
Sho-meir A-do-nai et^kawl^ohavav,
v'eit kawl^ha-r'sha-im yash-mid.
Listen to this chanted!
T'hi-la A-do-nai y'da-ber pi,
vi-va-rei-ch kawl ba-sar sheim kawd-sho l'o-lam va-ed.
Va-a-nach-nu n'va-reich Yah,
mei-a-tah v'ad o-lam. Ha-l'lu-Yah.
Ashrei psalm 145 sung

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