SOUND of WATER 💧💦 Flowing, Running and Falling to Relax, Meditate, Study, Work and Sleep




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Published on Jan 8, 2017

Músicarelajante24 I➨ The sound of falling water 💦 is one of the most relaxing sounds that can be found in nature. Many people manage to disconnect from the anxiety and stress of work and day-to-day concerns thanks to these sounds, which are ideal for relaxing, meditating and sleeping.

In addition, the sound of relaxing water running serves to concentrate, so it helps a lot to read, study and work.

In this video, you can listen to the soft and relaxing sound of water without music or instruments of any kind, just the real recording of nature in its purest form.

In the image you can see the water running gently and flowing through a river until it reaches a small stream and begins to fall down some rocks, which gives the sensation of watching and listening to the soothing sound of the water splashing through small waterfall between the stones, which produces the effect of hearing an authentic natural water fountain.

The real and moving image of the falling water and the natural sound it produces can be enjoyed over a 2-hour duration, which can perfectly serve to fall asleep, to relax the mind and unwind for a while or as a background to read, work, study or for whatever you want.

Many parents use these sounds of water to soothe and sleep their babies and young children. It is also used as a therapy for insomnia and nerves.

The continuous movement of water helps you sleep faster and better, and there are people who can go to sleep deeply just by listening to the sound of moving water.

Others use the sound of relaxing water as a background sound to be in an atmosphere of concentration or relaxation, whether working, studying, reading, in a spa and massage center or even in clinic waiting rooms.

This is because the effect of the sound of water to discharge stress is proven, so it is ideal for places where relaxation is sought. But as a curiosity, although the sound of water is very relaxing for some people, to others it makes them want to pee and they feel that they have to urinate when listening to a stream of water. It is clear that each person is a world.

Without a doubt, the sound of flowing water and constant dripping on the rocks can be considered as authentic relaxing music created directly by nature.

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