Hawke Meets King Alistair with Warden Queen - Dragon Age 2





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Published on Mar 13, 2011

With Isabela, Anders and Aveline.

This is what happens if Isabela had the threesome with Alistair and the Warden in the Dragon Age Origins

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pwoper fish
That background templar is my new favorite character.
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Memorible werd
pwoper fish people were joking that its the queen in disguise
Subject Erased.
I died when The templar lost his shit when Alistair was talking about mages outside the circle.
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Susan Neckebard
Eavesdropping Templar is taking mental notes.
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Seth N
+Jakira Kumahata for a disguise it okaay I guess
Jakira Kumahata
+Seth ノートン But for a disguise?
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Duane Elliott
He is truly a brave man, to refer to the Hero of Fereldan, Conquerer of the Fifth Blight, Warden-Commander of the Grey Wardens, Arl of Amarathine as "his ball and chain". I salute you sir! Lmao
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Zsófi Szücs
My Warden would probably just be like, "yeah you better".
Duane Elliott well he is one who never "licked a lamp post in winter" so it to be expected
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"Just because she defeated an Archdemon; she doesn't scare me." I'd like to see Alistair try to say that to the Warden's face evil snickering
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I bet if the Inquisitor even tried to harm/oppose or kill the Warden, he will be fucked up by Alistair (King of Ferelden), Sten (Arishok), Leliana (Spymaster), Morrigan (with baby archdemon), Loghain (Senior Warden), Architect (Sentient Darkspawn) and not to mention the Warden himself who has been absent for years, who knows what kind of crap he has.
+GZLAnnhilation Look, if the Warden had the balls to basically give the Inquisitor an implied death threat in the Morrigan-version of his/her contact letter, I don't think the Inquisitors gonna risk anything face to face.
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3:04 Hawke: Why not just kick the Templars out? Templar stares intensively at the king Alistair:Ha! Easier said than done.
SuperKnalxz Grey
+TheDarkSider He was going to say something else then he felt the Templar's vision burning through the back of his skull.
4:21 swooping... Is bad
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rachsarn ev
+Asbel Flann 10 years had passed Alistair 35 yrs in inquisition
Benjamin Samuel
+Asbel Flann That doesn't mean I'm not still watching it :D
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lol, "Ball and chain"? During the blight it was roses and dorky attempts at flirting. I do hope power hasn't gone to our dear She-Cousland's head. 
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Lapis Lazuli
Ball and chain is a common way to joke to their wives that they trap husbands in marriage lol
Suwat Saksri
Only time and Dragon Age Inquisition will tell
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I swear to god I need a tshirt that says "Swooping is bad"
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Totally need that shirt lol
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Salty Kenny
Alistair is using the legendary low resolution dragon armor of justice.
Kelsey Bordeaux
lol I wish after he said my ball and chain it would pan up to the top of the stairs with your warden character standing there with crossed arms going ball and chain huh?. Alistair;...uh- Tegan;Told you. followed with alistair trying to sweet talk her to save his ass XD
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Monica Malk
colt grisham
i was expecting that templar in the background to take off his helmet and be the queen in disguiss
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