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Published on Jan 16, 2006

This is the reason CNN's Crossfire is no longer on the air. Jon Stewart shows up these two ignorant political show hosts... 2 against 1, on their own show, and brings to light how these shows "Hurt America." Thank you Jon for always pointing out political hypocrisy. I hope continuing to broadcast this video of you helps your voice continue to be heard.

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The Wolf Blitzer cutaway with all the flashy big overdramatic headlines was the perfect icing on the cake to this entire routine.
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Lucas Horwitz
I was just thinking, hey look at those buzzwords!
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Skylar Ernest
Wants Jon Stewart to start asking tough questions, gets mad when he does it to him and starts telling him he needs to be funny.
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+kuro shini - Stewart immediately acted like a jerk to someone who was trying to conduct a professional interview and you're not only defending him, but you're attacking the interviewer for not agreeing with the rude things he said, for trying to give Stewart a taste of his own medicine. Wow.
+Skylar Ernest Haha on the irony! Well spotted!
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Shahim Shaar
"I'm not your monkey" that shut the cunt with the bow tie right up
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Guy on the right (I'm Swedish, I don't know him, never heard of him) just displayed the worst EVER case of not being able to stay professional and at the same time somehow coming off as an 11-year-old boy who's being rightly lectured by an adult. It's AMAZING to me how this guy can be allowed to host ANY show at all, he's 100% unable to take criticism. Guy is absolutely lost. Holy shit.
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Hector Duran
foreal, and now he's back on news with his own segment again
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Carrie Leblanc
Jon Stewart is so good that after one minute he turned the show's audience against the hosts.
So at first they mocked Jon because he didn't ask serious questions to the president. But when Jon got serious they said, "woah... who is this guy... wouldn't have dinner with him." They quickly cut him off because they didn't know what to say. For a so called debate section, they were at a loss for words. Even if you didn't agree with Jon, which I did, you wouldn't have coped out. You would have argued the logic on your side. Instead of saying, "Are you like this at dinner"? 
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Cam Par
their fake laughs are cringeworthy
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I miss John Stewart being on the Daily Show.
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I come back to this video every so often to remind myself how biased media is and how brainwashed people are.
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Nataly Anna Giless
DiddlieWinks I know right now I on a field trip to Atlanta Georgia to visit the cnn headquarters tour and civil rights museum. me and my friends went out at night to see homeless people sleeping and begging with some cripple missing clothes and have children young as a baby. most of them are black and need help. it FUCKING sickening in a place where liberal value like cnn and civil rights movement to be at and their even have signs that ban begging for money. it a freaking war on poverty and cnn is completely indifferent or ignoring the issue.
u mad?
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Sad that Stewart & Colbert are no longer on to present real news.
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Kevin Loftus
Pantherizer Stewart has often said that Obama did not live up to his expectations.
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