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Streamed live on Nov 11, 2013

Social Media Las Vegas - 702-758-5550 - http://mercerconsortium.com/

Hello Google users. My name's John Anthony
and if you found this video you probably are looking
at social media for your business or social media for your personal side.
And I put this quick video together to kind of just walk you through
few different things that you can do tips you might be able to walk away with
after watching this
that you can immediately apply for your business or your personal brand as well
I'm a social media expert. I'm based out of Las Vegas Nevada
and I'm helping quite a few businesses right now
grow their social media brand and without a plan
it's going to be very difficult for you to implement
social media into your framework for your business.
Let's just get started real quick. I'm not going take too long, it's pretty quick.
Obviously Facebook is the biggest
social brand with right now on the Internet however
Google and YouTube are also pretty effective
branding for your business now
obviously Facebook
is the corner stone foundation what you wanna start your
business with when it comes to branding and bringing in customers through social
through Facebook obviously social media aspect. It's
still growing, you know the average American is on Facebook 3-4 hours a day
so that tells you all you need. You really don't have to build your own
website. You can really pull all the traffic you need an using Facebook
just a matter of knowing where to go find the people the beauty of Facebook is
that everyone volunteers their information. It gives you all the
analytics that you need to where you can go out there and target them and bring them in.
Fan pages are easy to set up for any business however most businesses don't do it correctly.
That's something that I help them with and help them brand themselves.

Google+ is little different. It's Google's answer to Facebook
however on a lot of businesses aren't taking advantage of it
why should you take advantage Google's a monster
arm you know Google+ is indexed by Google. Sixty percent
Google users log in every day and checkout what's going on
with so offers and you know things that Google's pushing out
source you're there and you're in that space you're gonna come up in their feed
in when you come up in their feed. Google+ kinda try to
to make themselves like magazine so basically what you can do is you can grab content
throw up on you Google+ Pages gonna come up and people speeds
and if you target yourself correctly if you set your Google+ account up
correctly, you're gonna come up a lot in search results on its gonna help your brand
and it's definitely very very powerful way to move up in the rankings especially for trying to accomplish SEO for your business which is search engine optimization
name means when people type you know looking for a type
business similar to yours in Google you're gonna come up in the rankings and
that's why Google+ is very very important

YouTube, as I mentioned before, youtube is owned by Google
so if you're not putting videos up on YouTube

Well, that's where a lot of businesses I think are missing the boat as well
on you can put up all kinds of information on Google regardless of what
kinda business you have and dominate search rankings because
Google treats YouTube videos with extra little know mojo I should say your juju because
basically what they're doing is they're taking YouTube videos in ranking higher
because they are so it's it's just a great way to create awareness to
to mom offer customers the fact that you are professional there you are
an authority in your site and your industry and
and basically you're creating awareness for yourself very very easy to set up
I YouTube account and I'm there are few different works tweaks I mean that I can now help you with and that helped many my clients with to get those videos on the front page.
obviously social media can
easily enhance your presence on it's not expensive relative to other mediums
and that I think the key that you really want to focus on whatever you're doing
social media plan for your business
on yet any questions about anything that I've just discussed
feel free to call me doesn't matter where you r doesn't matter how I found a
on I'm not a room you know restricted to helping people just in
Las Vegas from based ass if you have questions I'm happy dance room
not gonna charge you you want to give me a call, I'm happy to help
and that's pretty much the spirit of what I'm doing with this video.

So feel free to call, feel free to comment below in the comments.
Ask any questions you like and I'm happy to answer.
Thanks a lot for watching, I appreciate it

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