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Published on Mar 21, 2012


According to me he wasnt evil and i dont hate him, in fact i feel sorry for him.
trying to show people that he isnt all that bad with this video, i think i got all of the scenes with him, note the Audio log in the very end.

Nolan Stross was the highest ranking scientist amongst the crew of the USG O'Bannon and was the only one to know of the true intentions of the mission. Nolan was to wait for a team of engineers to find a fragment from the Red Marker and observe it. Once the fragment was in his possession he began to grow more and more obsessed over it. Eventually it revealed its secrets to him and with this he began to fall into madness. With his mind failing him, he snuck into the Medical Wing to find a dead body, and with this act he doomed the ship and its crew.
Still in shock over his apparent failure, he fled, watching the Necromorph slaughter his assistant and two engineers. Shocked and distraught, he fled to his private quarters where he then slaughtered his baby and wife. During this he saw them as if they were infected.

He was found by Isabel Cho, whom he had been having an affair with, and taken to other survivors of the outbreak. Stross explained that the Marker fragment would have to be destroyed for the outbreak to end. The group moved towards the ship's reactor core to do so, but Stross could not bring himself to throw it into the core. Isabel took the fragment from him and destroyed it herself.

He was later apprehended by a rescue team and interrogated. Since he had come into contact with the fragment and was affected by it, Stross was then held in cryogenic storage on Titan Station for research.

Nolan Stross was another test subject in the same project as Isaac. As is explained in the movie Dead Space: Aftermath, Stross took part in a cleanup on Aegis VII where he and a small group of CEC engineers were assigned to collect Red Marker fragments scattered across the surface after the events of the original Dead Space. They find a shard on the planet, and bring it back on board for study, but Stross develops his dementia here, as his continued exposure to the shard causes him to hallucinate. A Necromorph outbreak occurs on Stross' vessel, forcing him and a group of survivors into battle. After the recovered fragment of the Red Marker is destroyed, an assault team extracts them, and interrogates them on their ship. After it is revealed that Stross' exposure to the Marker shard is useful, he is put into stasis and transported to the Sprawl.

Throughout the game, Stross begins to lose his sanity and constantly refers to "steps" that Isaac must take in order to stop the Marker. At first he seems rather helpful towards Isaac to the point where he confides to him. However throughout the game he becomes progressively worse for wear in terms of sanity. Each time he appears before Isaac he tells him about the steps which would stop the Marker. Near the end of the game, Stross snaps and attacks Ellie, gouging out one of her eyes with a screwdriver (fearing he would not be strong enough to make it through the process, and wishing to make Ellie understand Step Three: the "NoonTech Diagnostic Machine"). Soon after he attempts to kill Isaac (again attempting to demonstrate Step Three), but Isaac fights him off and stabs him in the head with the screwdriver, killing him.

It seems Stross is completely obsessed with and afraid of the eye-poke machine, claiming that "she's in there." This is a reference to his wife, whom he had killed along with their son in a fit of dementia. He had also wanted fellow survivor Ellie Langford to see "him" (his son) through "step three," which involves the machine.

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