Temp0 - Drone So Hard (N*ggas in Paris SC2 Parody)





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Published on Apr 7, 2012

A Parody of Jay Z and Kanye West's popular "N****s in Paris". It's a mostly fictional story about Liquid Ret and EG HuK with a lot of fun inside. Please subscribe, comment and like if you enjoy it!!!


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Drone so hard suckas tryin to out mine me

So I drone so hard HuK's tryin to outmine me
But he will never outmine me
What's a 2 base push to Zerg like me, can you please remind me?
Drone so hard get mad bases
Creep spread is that contagious
Bet I'll drone over 82
and you'll wish Protoss still had stasis

Drone so hard In full gear
You're supposed to GG here
Drone so hard, you're still here?
Guess it's time for me to get Lair
Right bro, I might go and outmicro. Make a bet!
Grackson, Bryceson, You're done. They're next!

Drone so hard, and I won't stop
4 Queens that don't miss shots
Larvae spawning like all the time
Can't wait for when all those things pop
Drone so hard got drops too
And the ladder's all locked up too
If you could make, what I could make
You'd have a scary Muta flock up too

Drone so Hard, saturated
I'm already on six base
Spore crawlers, more crawlers
Here's a taste of my sick plays
Drone so hard, Chris, behave
Just might let you see Hay
Hive down
We know
You're losin the set
Leave game.

Drone so hard Huk is tryin to outmine me
That shit Kroonx3

Drone so hard Huk is tryin to outmine me
That shit Kroonx3

He said "Ret, can we just end this in a draaaaw?"
I said "HuK, you gotta call Papa Raaa"
His special tactics, they will make you drop your jaaaww
Just to answer what you askin...NAH

Drone so hard; that shit Kroon, aint it, Hay?
Drone so hard; what build order?? 18 gate?
Drone so hard; macro's so prooo it's insane
Act like you'll ever see another mother ship like this again

Easy Neural, that's my plan.
That's your ship under my command
Take your probe and I expand,
hah, I'm so BM
Those Templar aint stormin right, you sure they workin?
If I was you, I woulda

What's beacon my phoenix?
What's Evil my Genius?
What's cloak, my seer?
Was that all-kill for real?
Casters say we the greatest, even Terran are haters
Got my Banelings all burrowed, and they're goin' al-Queda HA?

Drone so hard HuK is tryin to outmine me
Drone so hard HuK is tryin to outmine me

You are now watchin me own
Don't let me get 80 drones x3

These other teams are just lyin
Actin like the best one ain't mine
Got that Hot 6ix in my palm
You know how many Hot 6ixes I'm on??

Don't let me get 80 drones x4

Team Liquid's in the building
Our builds they tryna steal them
EG, yeah Sheth all-killed it
GG Yo, that's the spirit

You are now watchin me own
Don't let me get 80 drones x2
I definitely overdroned


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