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Published on Feb 12, 2012

I'm asking you to be respectable to me and to all people whose vids I used (read credits)
HOLYBLONDCHEERLEADERBATMAN http://www.10pix.ru/img1/4852/7331320...

Hello, my friend! IT'S PARTY TIME!!!

This is my another dancing video
Actually this vid only because of my sis. So thank you so much Charlie!
Have to say that I kinda like to make dancing videos)
So I hope that you will like this vid.

Previous dance-vids.
Supernatural | Rock This Party
Multimale | Inject me, baby
Supernatural Cast | Boom Bang Bang

And now GO and SAY THANKS and HUG our SPN folks who shared with us their vids from Cons.
Seriously guys! You rock!!! I'm so happy you saw SPN cast and had a great time at Cons! Thanks for your vids!!!
Stupid youtube does not allow to write all the links of your vids. I'm very-very sorry and hope you don't mad at me. It says "Too much information" :(

Thanks to AerynSG for Jared & Jensen at Breakfast NashCon 2011

Thanks to deansharem for Boston Salute to Supernatural Karaoke- "Just Dance" Pt 1 and Pt 2 and Boston Salute to Supernatural Karaoke- Bohemian Rhapsody a.k.a MATT COHEN THROWS A CHAIR

Thanks to tmccalmont for Jared and Jensen Play With Their Mics and Jared and Jensen on Favorite Dance Moves

Thanks to lesleyburt for Pt.3 Jensen & Jared panel (front row) Toronto Con

Thanks to dontfuckingjudgeme4 for Misha on feeding West

Thanks to fckndylanlyrics for Don't Stop Believin' (Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Chad Linberg & Alona Tal) VanCon '11 Karaoke

Thanks to ANGELandaTARDIS for 2012 Nashcon Supernatural Karaoke 5 and Nashcon J2 Breakfast Panel 1 and 2012 Supernatural Nashcon - Richards Dance

Thanks to comedrivemewild for Travis Wester dancing at Vancouver con

Thanks to reinranko for Karaoke Night: Matt Cohen belly dancing

Thanks to MrsBobbySinger for Traci Dinwiddie dances during drum circle at Supernatural LACon 2011

Thanks to Tobyanca for Supernatural LA Con Karaoke 2011

Thanks to HeartLogans for Jared and Jensen, Jus In Bello 2

Thanks to theghostfacers1 for Misha dancing during the Louden Swain gig (Asylum 7, 29th October 2011)

Thanks to Micaiah67 for Sebastian singing Let's Dance at Nashcon karaoke

Thanks to Hils1979 for Chicon 4

Thanks to tmccalmont for Supernatural's Fred Lehne Dancing on stage at the 2010 Chicago Con

Thanks to Jenks1983 for JibCon 2 Closing Cerimony with guests and staff

Thanks to JensAngel1 for Supernatural LA Con 2011 Karaoke Eye of the Tiger and NashCon 2012 J2 Part 3 and NashCon 2012 J2 Part 5

Thanks to cloudyvisions for Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan

Thanks to AsylumMania for Asylum '08 Travis and AJ do Ghostfacers slow motion walk

Thanks to koenig5555 for Misha Collins and guests of Asylum 5 join Jason Manns on stage

Thanks to 30wyn for 102- Jensen crashes Misha and Sebastian's panel and does his

Thanks to Micaiah67 for Matt and Richard and Jared's chair

Thanks to animotus1 for J2 Panel - Misha from India Russia

Thanks to songineverheard for Supernatural VanCon 2011 - Sebastian Roche - Misha Crashing Sebastian's Panel

Thanks to A4T for Castiel's Voice Is Misha's Curse

Thanks to xDarkSerpentx for [TO Con 11] J2 Breakfast 1 - Jared fangirling

Thanks to genevievepadaleski for Confetti, it's a parade! - Salute to Supernatural NJCon 2011

Thanks to jiiaffa for Misha crashing J2's panel and J2 playing with the screen

And I will be very thankfull for your help. I really don't know who is the author of these two moments.
0:07 from Roman Holiday and 0:16 with "Zombie" Matt.
If you know please tell me!

Okaay! I hope that I have not missed anyone!

And billion thankEs to all Supernatural cast! You rock our world guys! Thank you so much for being such an amazing actors, for being so funny,dorky and polite to us! We love you!

Take care


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