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Published on Dec 9, 2012

作詞・作曲:中山加奈子(Lyrics and Music:Kanako Nakayama)
Produced by VooDoo Hawaiians / Arranged by VooDoo Hawaiians

Vocal&Guitar:中山加奈子-Kanako Nakayama
Guitar&Vocal:澄田健-Takeshi Sumida
Drums:小関純匡-Sumitada Koseki

This song is recorded on the album "4our" of VooDoo Hawaiians put on the market on August 1, 2006.

I do not know about the origin of this band name.
However, I think that there is no intention which insults Hawaiians and voodoo to them.
The sound "Hawaiian" is easily associated with musical "Hawaiian" in Japan.
In Japan, musical Hawaiian is known between the public as "Hawaiian(ハワイアン)" and has very many lovers who enjoy themselves as a lifetime hobby.
The Hawaiian as people is expressed as "Hawaii Jin" in Japanese.
American are "America Jin", Japanese are "Nihon Jin" or "Nippon Jin".

The songwriter of "E.V.D.H." is Takeshi Sumida. I think that at least he does not have the intention which looks down on Hawaiians from a high position socially.
I think that they are putting the sense of incongruity to the society assumed for which studied composure and patched up into the view. Isn't "Everybody's VooDoo Hawaiians" manifestation of this sense of incongruity, and appeal to solidarity?

Although I am only one of their fans, supposing you memorize anger and feel sad to this band name and "E.V.D.H.", I apologize to you instead of them.
I am very sorry.

Kanako Nakayama was a guitarist of a very popular Japanese female pop rock band "PRINCESS PRINCESS(nickname:Puripuri / プリプリ)" (active period:1986-1996,2012,2016).
She is known also as a songwriter, and her nickname is "Kana chan(カナちゃん / かなちゃん)".
The vocalist of PRINCESS PRINCESS was "Kaori Okui(奥居香)".
She uses the "Kaori Kishitani(岸谷香)" name now.
PRINCESS PRINCESS had five members.
To except for these two members, "Tomoko Konno(今野登茂子)", the keyboardist, also created music and announced as solo works.
"Atsuko Watanabe(渡辺敦子)", the bassist, is guiding younger generation in a musical vocational school, and working also as a music producer.
"Kyoko Tomita(富田京子)", the drummer, is working as a radio DJ, and as a songwriter.

Although this female band was working with the same members from 1983, the band name was a difference and they are unwilling to tend tell many things about activity of the time.

Takeshi Sumida and another two person player also have a respectively variegated activity history, however I do not have knowledge, sorry.
Although this is a guess to the last, I think that "JETTSOUL" of Masayuki"JETTSOUL"Soga originates in Joan Jett. Kanako Nakayama also respects Joan Jett and they cover "Cherry Bomb" of The Runaways in the maxi single "Ammonite" put on the market on December 25, 2007.

I wrote private English translation of the lyrics from under a line.
There is a portion which I translated freely.
Please read as reference for holding nuance to the last.
Forgive the awkwardness of a style, and the mistake in grammar or a word.
In Japanese, a subject is often omitted. Therefore, a subject is not ascertained in some lines. The subject of "The despair written - is thrown away" may be "you".
Moreover, I thought as important and translated the word order of the lyrics of original Japanese.


I arrived to the morning called today.
Rubbish on a bed. You are a Rock Star.

My cool shirt is wrinkled and my memory has broken off and broken off.
I do not understand the place where I was drinking and the way back, either.

You have forgotten how to shine and fallen from sky.
You are smeared with dust. Rock Star.
Your voice. The Guitar. The Name. The worn dress. I liked all them.
Where are you who are such for me now?

You(I?) armed with the excuse, being frightened of a character called tomorrow.
You are a fake Star.

The despair written to the notebook does not suit me any longer now.
I save up a thing too much and cannot choose what is thrown away.

I thrummed the guitar imitating you in front of the mirror.
That far day, Rock Star.
If you can use magic even now, please show me the same dream as that day once again.

The melody heard from radio.
The love song which I(we?) had sung till dawn.
That voice of the record heard to the extent which it wore out.
They are resounding in my head, to the morning also and in the night also and always and now also.

You have forgotten how to shine and fallen from sky.
You are smeared with dust. Rock Star.
I am still looking for you in the inside of silver color, in the inside of sound which raised volume.
I am looking for your figure.

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