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Published on Feb 5, 2011

This run has been greatly improved by Apjjm, check out his 21:31 run at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYMJqH...

Speed run of Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.0.1 in 33 min 36 sec.

This run contains a few new glitches and shortcuts that improves my previous run by several minutes.

The video can be downloaded at http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6171269

Information about the run (spoilers):

Up until Entrance Hall the run is the same as before. In Entrance Hall I use a glitch that forces me through the roof by the windows to skip the need to visit the Archives/Wine Cellar/Laboratory. I wait until the flashback is done before jumping down to the door (wont reach otherwise). It's possible to jump down and walk to the door but that looses health. Low health makes Daniel run slower.

Refinery is a bit different since there is no need to refill the lantern, and I use a box to be a bit faster to open the trap door. A note about the boxes in the room with the hole in the wall: If the map has already the been visited the boxes are already scattered instead of stacked, making it easier to just jump straight to the hole in the wall.

Storage uses the physics glitch ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEL4ds... ), since the pot is needed to remove the rubble the physics glitch can be used to get around it. I'm also abusing the physics engine by spamming jump and pressing forward to get up along the "wooden pillars" (dunno what to call them). This trick is a bit tricky though, which is why I save before the last two jumps (last one is the most difficult to do). The flashback-glitch is used as well here, which means that monsters ignore you if you encounter a flashback.

In the Guest Room it's possible to go through the wall to skip the need to pick up the crowbar, but I don't think it saves that much time.

Everything's basically the same up until Prison - Northern Block, where I use the physics glitch again to skip the need to get the acid.

The cistern-area is the same as before. I've tried to get to the door without having to visit the Morgue and Cistern but without success.

In the Sewers I use a new shortcut that skips the need to fetch the pipe as well as the need to wait for monsters or stop the spinning wheel.

In Nave I use the physics glitch again to get to the Choir faster.

A note about the orb pieces: It is possible to get to the door after the electrified passage in Chancel without picking up the pieces, unfortunately that door does not go anywhere at this point, which is why it is needed to fetch them to trigger the event and get to the other map of Chancel that has a working door.

On my way from the Choir to Transept I need to get through the closed doors, here I use the save glitch discovered by GuyNamedBob (Apjjm on speeddemosarchive.com). This glitch is similar to the physics glitch but is a bit more reliable and faster (if the object is placed correctly). More information about the glitch can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_rK74...

On my way from Transept Daniel have to die by jumping down the well, since there is no way to get back through the closed door (that I've found at least).

The next few maps is the same as before, until the final visit to Chancel where I use the save-glitch to skip the need to break the electrical field and reassemble the orb.

Unfortunately Daniels sanity is too low in the Inner Sanctum so he crawls around on the floor collecting dust for a bit, but the time saved earlier makes up for it :)

Note about timing:
I did not use SDA timing when I timed the run. I've counted the frames for each level from as soon as it fades in until I change level (as soon as i click on the door) or use save and exit (I've included the time I spent in the menu and not added the 0.5 sec penalty). The only level that is different is the Orb Chamber where I stopped timing as soon as I fell the last pillar. Even though I can move around throughout the rest of the game it has no impact on the ending so I've ignored that (I don't know if it has to be included in SDA timing).

Hope you enjoy the run !


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