How fast is the federal deficit rising?





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Published on Jul 29, 2012

www.FaceTheFactsUSA.org - How fast is the federal deficit rising? In every second of 2011, the federal government spent $41,210 that it didn't have.

No agenda. No party line. Just facts. More facts at www.FaceTheFactsUSA.org. A project of The George Washington University.

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Last Bush Budget (2009) Deficit: 1.413 Trillion Last Obama Budget (2013): 680 Billion Any questions? 
+goldenthroat86 A large portion of the 2009 deficit was due to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. An almost equal amount was due to the TARP "fund". With that said, though, the deficit only went above 500 billion once during Bush's 2 terms. The deficit has never gone below that under Obama. So, yeah, I have a question. Why only mention those two years?
nice guy
in my opinion there is no deficit. It's a totally fictionalized propaganda piece. It's so freakin fake. Anything to make the average joe blow feel like there in debt even if they're not at all. And a means to cut all kinds of programs including potentially medicare and your old age pention under the guies of too much federal debt. It's a scam!
No mention that the deficit has been shrinking since 2009? It was 10.1% of GDP in 09 now it's at 5.3%. 
Good video, send it to the White House, not that they a crap.
Mat Brady
This is very good to provide a sense of scale, but facts do need context. WHY is there so much debt? That's a better question. I'll ask the George Washington University project (who made this short film) to do another supplementary short film which shows what was actually bought with that debt. What did the US get for its money? Who bought it? And why? They're facts I'd like to face. How about it, eh?
Let's take our country out of the hands of the fools (the current administration 8/2/12) that are trying to ruin it.
Only takes me a year to make that much. SUCKERS!!... o wait..
What kind of god damned fools are running this show?
Chris Willis
No worries. Our lovely private central bank money masters will simply print up the difference out of thin air then charge we the people debt on that newly issued money that will be paid through a hidden tax called inflation. Fantastic deal for us all. Only way to be free from this debt based slavery system is to buy real assets, gold, and silver and end the private cartel from creating debt based money. Give we the people the money power back and create debt free notes with quantity controlled
I love the graphic design aspects of this infographic. Well made. And the color palette is gorgeous! The last 13 seconds were exceptionally powerful.
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