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Published on Oct 9, 2012


A Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol it represents the Divine. It is made up of 9 triangles, 4 pointing up to represent the Divine Masculine and 5 pointing down to represent the Divine Feminine. 9 represents completion. I have read that the Sri Yantra represents a spinning MerKaBa (I cannot recall where I read this so it might be inaccurate, however it makes sense to me).

About 2 years ago I was inspired to activate a Sri Yantra with the vibration of ilahinoor. I found a Sri Yantra and edited it slightly while holding the vibration of ilahinoor and so this "ilahinoor Sri Yantra" came about.

The Sri Yantra has been used for thousands of years for the purpose of awakening and so already carries great shakti. By infusing the ilahinoor light into the Sri Yantra it greatly enhances the power of this sacred technology.

Having done this, it fell to-the-side, as a process or technique of how to use it did not seem to come together for me. then a few weeks ago out-of-the-blue a process came to me in a matter of seconds it came together so quickly and so simply I wondered why I had not seen it before. Simply put, it was time to use it. Gabriel further activated the Sri Yantra with the new vibrations that are coming to us today (the white light of purification and ascension). The below meditation is to help you dive deep into the shakti of ilahinoor and help catapult you into Self-Realization. This meditation can be done daily, in-fact Gabriel has suggested (if possible) to do it 3 times a day if you cannot then at least once a day.

*For maximum benefits stay with the recording for the full 16min
*This technique is best done in silence.
*This Sri Yantra has been activated by Archangel Gabriel with the ilahinoor field

Ilahinoor Sri Yantra Meditation

Start by invoking your Divine, your Guides and Angels.

Make a special invocation to include; your Soul, The Mother Divine and her Sacred Shakti (in whatever form resonates with you the most) Ascended Master Serapis Bey (the Egyptian and Atlantian Master and High priest) with his Ascension Flame. Ascended Master St Germain and his Violet Consuming Flame, The Dolphins and Whales (the Cetacean Consciousness/light), you can also include the Peladian Consciousness and the Peladian Belt (the Golden Droplets), Arcturian Consciousness and Sirian Consciousness, the 7 Elohim and their individual Flames of creation. Hold the intention for these light forms to be an alchemy and to merge into One and join with the Field of ilahinoor. (this creates a very dynamic field of Light) it is possible you might feel a bit dizzy at first by this high vibrational shakti of Pure, pure, unified Light. (of which ilahinoor can serve as a gateway to).

Invoke Ilahinoor by repeating it out load 3 or 9 times. (EE, LA, HEE, NOOR)

Now give yourself a blessing in whatever way comes to you, you can use the ilahinoor techniques if that is what feels right in that moment. allow your body and intuition to guide you on where and how to place your hands.

Then read these affirmations, allow each one to take hold:
Am I that which sees?
Can that which sees, see itself?
Am I that which knows?
Can that which knows, know itself?
I AM Knowingness
I AM Awareness
I AM Eternal
I AM Supernal
I AM Divine Light
I AM Radiant Light
I AM Ilahinoor
I AM the Grace that fills the World
I AM that, I AM

1. Once you ready, play the video (full screen recommended) and Gaze into the bindi (the central dot) of the ilahinoor Sri Yantra,
2. invite the Sri Yantra and ilahinoor into your heart, feel this pure light growing and radiating from your heart.
3. Now chant: ilahinoor (EE, LA, HEE, NOOR)
start chanting out loud, and gradually and slowly get softer and softer, quieter and quieter, until your lips are just moving, then get slower and slower until it is a distant whisper in your mind, trail it off to nothing...entering the deep silence within. (take your time don't rush it).

4. continue to Gaze for as long as you feel, or until the video ends (recommended) then close your eyes and rest in the divine radiance, light and grace that you are.

Realize the Self within.

In the deepest Love and Service

P.S if you would like a higher quality jpg version of this "ilahinoor Sri Yantra" please email me at ilahinoorLight@gmail.com and I will forward you a link where you can download it along with an additional and more deepening meditation.


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