Hey, We're Gonna Be Alright Chapter 4





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Uploaded on Mar 20, 2009

Hello! I have 280 subscribers! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!
Sorry I don't post as much anymore :(
and sorry that the chapter, when I do post, aren't as long or exciting. ha
Life is getting busier as I get older... haha :D
also.... sorry again for not doing everything's magic ... lol but it is coming along pretty good, but WOW who knew writing a book would be so hard? well, it is VERY hard!
Okay, radio... i LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH! it's my text ringtone.. haha :D
thanks again.. hope you enjoy! :)
~While Jasmine got out her bags, with the help of Frankie, and brought them up to her room, which used to be the guest room but is now her room and she is welcome whenever, Joe made calls(to who? :O i"m not telling! mwaha :D sry moment.) She put her clothes away and picked her outfit then showered. Joe changed then went shopping and to set up his idea.(which I'm not telling either) Jasmine finished getting ready then waited for Joe to come back to get her...
With Kevin, on the phone with Tasha.~ (yes I'm making you wait :D)
~Normal POV(still don't know why I'm calling it tha.... wow I'm doing a lotta a/n hehe :p)~

-Tasha~ *picks up her phone* Hey baby, whats up?
-Kevin~ Nothing... Just thought that I would call you
-Tasha~ Oh, i see. I'm glad you did..I'm getting sick of studying.. *laughs*
-Kevin~ aw babe, you just got there
-Tasha~ I know... hey didn't Jasmine get there today?
-Kevin~ *groans* yep
-Tasha~ Oh no.. what is it?
-Kevin~ well, she walked in on Nick and Ali kissing... then Ali found out that Nick and Jasmine were a thing, I don't even know what is going on with Nick...
-Tasha~ Oh god... maybe I should come back.. see if i can help them..
-Kevin~ Natasja, no, stay there and do your school stuff, you have worked really hard for this
-Tasha~ I know, but its just like, they are like my sisters, I wanna help them if they need it....
-Kevin~ yeah I know..
~They talk for about a hour or two~
-Kevin~ ugh, theres yelling going on downstairs... I better go see what it is. I'll call you tonight baby
-Tasha~ alright, bye. I love you
-Kevin~ I love you too *hangs up*

~With Jasmine~
After I finished getting ready I sat on my bed. When about 10 minutes passed I got bored and decided to curl my hair. Taking out my pony tail, I ran a brush through my damp hair. After blowing it dry I started to curl it while I started to softly sing to myself. A few minutes later I was finished curling my hair but Joe still wasn't back. I sat back against the bed and played with my ring, while still quietly singing. "That's beautiful," I jumped and looked over to the door. There stood my love, my fiance, my everything leaning against the door frame. I smiled at him and blushed, "thanks." Joe walked over and offered out his hands, "ready?" "Yep," I took his hands and pulled myself up to my feet. "You look beautiful," he said as he kissed my cheek. "Thank you, you look very handsome yourself." I told him, taking in his appearance. His hair was neatly straightened, with some curls in the back. He had black skinny jeans and a button down(or is it up?) shirt with a tie. "Thanks," he chuckled. "Let's go," he led me out of my room and down stairs. "Where are we going?" He looked back at me, "you really think I'm going to tell you?" I dramatically sighed, "no I guess not." Joe pulled on my hand, bringing me closer to him, then put his arm around my shoulders. "Good, because I won't." I laughed and rested my head on his arm as we strolled down the street. "I love you," he randomly said a few minutes later. "I love you too," I said as I kissed his cheek. We walked for a while until we reached the park, "what are we doing here?" "You'll see," Joe replied. He led me through the park. We stopped on the edge of the trees. There was a blanket set up with a picnic basket on the side. "You set up a picnic?" I smiled widely at Joe as we sat down. "Yeah, I did, like before." I kissed his cheek, "thank you." "Any time, now do you want ..."
~A few hours later, Joe's POV~
Ohh! Total cliffy right there... not. ha :D
soo sorry its short.. haha :]

what is your texting ringtone? lol

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