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Uploaded on Oct 11, 2009

READ HERE!!! 13+ Rated. This is a joke of course, i do not really know what happened on their decision to make the anti-RWT updates.
Some hidden footage released about Andrew explaining to Mod Poppy why and how trade limits and other grave anti-RWT updates are comming out.


Hello Mod Andrew is it true what I heard about from the other J mods, about how the real world item trading is ruining the game even more yet the recent updates did barely anyrhing to prevent it? And now I just heard that we have to take drastic measures.

Hello Mod Poppy, yes unfortuneately we have to do something to prevent real world item trading, its become so bad its unbelieveable. We need a fast solution to fix it so we can make sure that we dont have to pay the banks back.

How bad is it at the moment then?

Well, at the moment, its not so bad, but they are the cause of the majority of rule-breaking in RuneScape, to sum it up: There has been a significant increase in the amount of real-world trading this year. If we don't find a solution to RWT now, it will ruin RuneScape. It will be like a freaking nuke hitting the wilderness again, I cant let that happen!

Hitting the wilderness again? What are you talking about?

Oh dangit, I just gave away part of a quest explaining the real reason as to why the wilderness is a wasteland.

Ok..And how exactly would the real world item traders build a pixelated nuclear missile on a medeival game that will launch its self and explode in the wilderness?

Its gonna happen man, its like a freaking arms race. In runescape classic, they were just basic bots and they made stupid programming errors that made them fully detectable, but now, they are like killing machines, they kill of all human competition in extraction skills, they are like freaking robots. We need to get rid of them plox!

Er, Andrew are you ok?

No im not ok, theres been other problems in RS too, like the people who gain money who dont skill, you know, the stakers, merchanters, and the peekayers! They are gaining money with ease while the skillers are struggling, we need to eradicate them as well. We need to make like a final roonscapian solution.

Andrew, you're scaring me. Making types of people look bad will not work at all. And it is wrong to alienate people unless they are directly breaking the rules.
Yes but they are ruining the game anyway! We did not intend to allow these types of people to cut corners and make easy money. Its as big as a disaster of real world item trading. Like 99% of those stakers are named like 0o_o0o0_0o or something like that because they buy cash and they use messed up names like that to not get caught. Now, the final roonscapian solution will include these updates. Update number 1, the duel arena tournament; this update will put people in a duel tourny which can host a lot of players which still bet money, and the current way of staking in the duel arena will be reduced to 3k per 15 minutes, this will greatly reduce RWT and ruin easy money for stakers!


Update Number 2: At the same time as update number 1, this new place to trade, called the Grand Exchange or G E for short will come out. It will be known as the new way to trade items, because 2 to 3 weeks after that update, the 2nd part of that update will happen which will force players to trade using the G E. Bwahahaha! This will kill off merchants because they have to follow the prices that we set! Thank god for communism!

Are you serious?

Yes I am! And update 3 is the final update! On december the 10th 2007, every peekayer will have to be cramed into this little volcano, called bounty hunter. They will do all thier no honour business there and it will be multi combat, without any safe and single combat zones, this will get rid of RWT due to the fact that its a small area, so peekayers will be everywhere. And the wilderness will be well lets say, un peekay able in the form of people not being able to attack each other anymore, and we will add these new creatures in there called revenants which are as dangerous as peekayers, they can use like ancients and normal magic spells at the same time and can heal themselves and attack anyone they want to in their wildy range and can attack from far distanced and drop pretty much nothing, thats what a no honour peekayer does right?

Andrew, this is crazy! You can't do this! Did you make this up yourself?

No, me and the higher ranked mods discussed it. The final roonscapian solution will be the best thing that an MMORPG has ever done and we will be known well for it! And continuing on with update 3, well we will program the game so that no one that drops more than 3k in wealth or items cannot be seen. And there will be a trade limit for everyone which is 3k so that no one can easily RWT anymore. I am such a genius!

(couldnt add any more)

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