Crack City (part 9)





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Published on Jun 27, 2009

story by Norm and paul

music by Dave

Staring at this mutant like child molesting pop star pure freak as his head floated around in this thing Nancy had brought me, Nancy plugged the thing in and the king of pops mouth began singingsinging... what was he singing? I got faint and passed out, but first managed to push my security buzzer, and an army of my fiends came running in just as I lost consciousness. While I was out... I had nightmarish visions of all the things I needed to take care of... First there was that damn Jew Woody Allen trying to tap into my heroin market down in NYC. Black Elk needed to be summoned as well, because even in these dreams it comes across as some sort of enigma shape shifting being. Not too mention that dirty snake Obama. I heard heard from a reliable source one of his skanky daughters had now taken over the command post due to her fathers non-stop crack smoking and shooting. The fucking Egg had exploded all over the city and my mind was a roller coaster of confusion. Not to mention that cyclops weird ass motherfucker with half a burnt head left, who was Chuck's dad.

When I woke up in the silent dead grey morning--Hard rain was spattering the windows. Everyone was passed out on malt liquor or brown mexican smack, lying about in filthy sleeping bags--We were staying in the half-burnt-out Hilton Hotel. All of the doors had been torn off the hinges, making a vast arcade of the partially flooded hotel. Barrel-fires flickered and smoked in the distance. I found a pack of Camels and lit one. I checked under my pillow and found my aluminum foil wrapped stash of opium, hash oil and salvia 100X mixture. I got Jackson's head (Nancy was sleeping with his arm around it like some fucked-up teddy bear--I packed my bong with a big chunk of the alien crack, some orange DMT wax and a big glob of the "super hop ska hash" (as i called it) and blasted it with my torch Zippo. Whilst still holding in the massive toke of drugsmoke I plugged in to the crystal Jacko sphere and its eyes instantly lit up the color of the sun. His lipsticklined mouth opened and moved along to his words which I alone could hear--I knew this because in my head his creepy rasping falsetto voice was amplified as loud as a 10 billion jiggawatt radiostatic blast--but Nancy and Norman and the rest of the freaks continued to sleep undisturbed--I was jolted with an incredibly electric energy which froze me as if electrified--"You are trespassing" Jacko spoke, "You are fucking with things you do not understand!"--A force like 100-degree wind ripped through my psyche as the white noseless face contorted into a Satanic grimace of rage--"Do not side with the resistance! Resistance is futile!"--I wanted to scream, as electric needles pierce my mental flesh, melting me like cheese and vibrating my soul into oblivion--But underneath the onslaught I could feel a subtle pull--like a vacuum tube sucking at my gut, but gentle, invitingly, like a sensuous octopus--The phantasm of words and terrifying energies cascading from Jackson's undead brain were distracting to say the least, but with Zen focus I was able to detect this hole in the pain--It was an erogenous wormhole of some kind, and I knew it was an escape route--That all I had to do was cease resisting, give up the grip on physical form, and I would be pulled through this tube SOMEWHERE ELSE--I had no idea WHERE though, and this fear of the unknown was the only thing keeping my ghost anchored--So I bit down on the pain, fazed into mental release of the ghost and felt my blinded sight and screaming sound disappear into cool wet blackness as I became a ball of naked electric plastic and was vacuumed through the wormhole into the infinitely revolving gyroscopic consciousness of the cosmos for what felt like about eight hours while I perceivably was continuously pulled in a magnetic direction which I knew instinctively to be North... Now I awoke to the sensation of skin numbingly freezing cold hard matter like ice pressing against my skin. I felt my eyes open, still as though against my will to blinding snowlight and the apparition of the Apache Shaman Black Elk with a bow slung over his shoulder, squinting in the midnight sun, I looked down at the snowstrewn ground and saw that I was stark naked. Black Elk--I knew it was him, somehow--Took a step toward me and flung a deerskin at me. I gratefully wrapped it around myself and followed as he turned and began walking toward a red mansion with a hundred steaming chimneys seemingly built into an enormous crag of ice set against the sapphire sky... with a hundred steaming chimneys seemingly built into an enormous crag of ice set against the sapphire sky ... Black Elk filled me in on the details;

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