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Uploaded on Sep 8, 2011

http://SupremeMasterTV.com -- Science & Spirituality Dr. Jude Currivan: New Insights into the Conscious Universe - P3/3. Episode: 1747, Air Date: 27 June 2011.

Greetings, insightful viewers, and welcome to Science and Spirituality, featuring the last in our three-part series on acclaimed British scientist, author, visionary and teacher Dr. Jude Currivan, who has learned that science and spirituality can be viewed as two aspects of the same whole.

Having experienced multi-dimensional realities since the age of four, Dr. Currivan was guided to pursue a career that integrates the latest developments in physics, universal and ancient wisdom and new revelations about a conscious universe with no boundaries between science, spirituality and everything else.

After completing her doctoral research in ancient cosmologies, Dr. Currivan received a Ph.D. in archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK. She also holds an M.A. in physics from Oxford University with a specialization in cosmology and quantum physics. Dr. Currivan is also the author of "The Wave," "The 8th Chakra," and "The 13th Step" as well as "HOPE- Healing Our People and Earth," which is to be released in July 2011. Her books have been published in over 14 languages.

We can't afford fear anymore. And the beauty of the shift is we're being offered the opportunity to transcend it, not to deny it, not to run away from it, but to literally heal it within ourselves. And the most incredible future beckons if we're willing to take that leap of faith into love; that's what we're all about.

Last week, Dr. Currivan spoke about how recent developments in physics show that human consciousness and intention are intimately linked with the physical universe, a phenomenon known as "non-local interconnection," which has long been understood by the world's spiritual traditions.

Today she'll conclude her discussion with more insights on the changes predicted to begin on Earth in December 2012, ancient connections to these transformations, and how we can heal ourselves and our planet by overcoming fear, recognizing everything and everyone as part of the web of life, and embracing love. Let's now hear the conclusion of our interview with Dr. Currivan, as she begins with the coming shift from individual to universal consciousness.

It's transcending the limitations of our ego-based awareness, and literally growing up to become aware of the unity of all that is, and that we are God, that we are microcosms of God, of cosmic mind, and that nothing and no one is separate, that we are all ultimately one.

And that was the lesson, that was the learning, that was the experience that I write about in "The 13th Step," and that was the experience that led me to an understanding and to an activation, not just of the planetary grid of Gaia, which opened a galactic portal for 2012, but also to the understanding not just of the 8th chakra, but of a 12- and a 13-chakra system, all levels of awareness that literally when they're all activated, manifest the galactic human that people are talking about.

You mentioned how civilization or the human consciousness would evolve in waves.

I feel that civilization has moved forward in waves. (It) is perhaps a reflection of something that is far, far more fundamental, which is that when we talk about a conscious Cosmos, consciousness expresses itself as energy, and all energy, regardless of their form can be expressed as waves.

Everything that we call reality can be mathematically described as wave forms. And waves, of course, have wavelengths, and they begin, they peak, and they fall away. And they embody information, they embody consciousness. Consciousness expressed as energy, energy expressed as waves; all that we call reality is the interconnectivity of all of those waves on every scale, from the most minute to the greatest.

And so, consciousness expressing itself is also naturally expressing waves, whether it's the rise and the fall of a civilization, or whether it's how astrologists describe our personality through literally the wave forms that the planetary bodies make. So everything that we call reality can be considered as interacting waves of energy that itself fundamentally embodies consciousness.

The shift to universal consciousness will require humans to remain open to change no matter how challenging it may be.

And as more and more discoveries come to light, what is really key for each of us is we're open to those. We don't say, "That's not true, it can't be true," because there's going to be some stuff that comes to light that we're not comfortable with, which is exactly the case for an individual for healing. It's the shadow stuff, the uncomfortable stuff that we don't want to acknowledge, that we don't want to own. But to heal, to release, to transcend that sense of duality, we need to acknowledge it.

And I


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