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Published on Jan 4, 2016

E-Shopping System
Abstract: This project is developed for the automation process of shopping throw online i.e through web. In marchant module adding the catogories, products, itemSales, giving orders, Stock maintenace , creating invoice(bill) for orders, shipping of items order given by customer. creation, details , and other transactions like automatic increment,decrement of stock, paid invoice(amount),shipping invoice And all other transactions for large scale whole sale or retail sales, very big shops, or organizations.this project is developed in N- Tier arcitecture and distributed environment using distributed technologies like EJB etc. This project mainly contains 3 modules like Marchant module, Customer module, invoice module. In customer module customers will give orders for items which are being available in that shop. In our project that order is processed and details are stored in data base. In invoice module total bill for ordered items will be created. In case if the ordered items are not being shipped at a time then the pending order details will be processed and the bill for the pending order will be created. In Marchant Module products are being maintained in category wise and product wise, item wise and up to date stock will be maintained in computerized manner. And up to date order given by the customer through online web status will be shown with help of dynamic web pages by getting data from database.

EXISTING SYSTEM In existing system every thing is manual like customer have to go to shop physically and he/she selects items which are available in shop and the marchant will calculate the bill for products selected by the customer and then shipping process will take place.
Existing System is manual, every thing we have to do manually i.e.

1. Displaying items
2. Selecting items
3. Billing process
4. Shipping


Merchants Module Merchants will enter into the next form by entering username, password in this login page, after entering into next page marchant will add new products, categories, different different items what are all the items available in that store, and if he wants he will modify the things, he will delete things
And maintains everything by date wise. (i.e)

1.Enhancing stores
2.Update stores
3.Delete from stores

1.2 Software and Hardware Requirements
The following software and hardware are recommended for the company.
Hardware Requirements(essensial):

Software Requirements:

Operating : SystemWindows NT
Language : JAVA (JSP, JDBC).JDK 1.4
Backend : ORACLE



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