US Embassy (Tunisia) 14/09/2012





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Published on Sep 14, 2012

The Salafis Islamists who attacked the embassy are NOT representative of the Tunisian people. They are a minority of extremists and not the average citizen.

***This was NOT a bombing. The Embassy was overrun, ransacked, vandalised, cars parked in the compound were burned along with a section of a building in the compound.***

There's been much discussion in the comments surrounding the issue as to why the Tunisians didn't help prevent this attack. Many average citizens attempted to intervene (at no small risk to their own lives) and prevent the Salafis extremists from attacking the embassy. As proof of this.... please visit the official US Embassy Tunisia Facebook page (link provided below) where you will see they acknowledge the efforts of those Tunisians who tried to help. Thank you.

Link to Official US Embassy in Tunisia Facebook page:


Follow me on Twitter @Brit_In_Tunis for future updates on the situation in Tunisia.

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Imy Flower
احروق سفارة فرنسا عدها
Does this mean that 9/11 is a double holiday now?
countries allow men to satisfy their lusts 4 young girls legally through child marriages. There R cases of little girls dying giving birth, SICKOS. And then there is "bacha bazi" (boy for play) Everyone should watch the documentary "Dancing Boys of Afghanistan"custom where men buy boys as young as 11 for sexual slavery. Owning boys is a status symbol. The involvement of the police & inaction of the government means this form of child prostitution is widespread. U will deny all of this I'm sure.
So sick of spitting hairs w/U & other muslims who try 2 get away with half truths & deceitfulness. Nikah Misyar Marriage or "travellers marriage" is very similar with Nikah mut'a except for the Misyar has no certain date for divorce, and it is up to the man to divorce his wife whenever, or if ever, he feels like doing so. Still sounds like a form of prostitution. And this goes into a whole other subject unto itself of polygamy! And please, don't talk about teenage pregnancy, when Muslim
Abdurrahman Ibrahim
You just searched for what you wanted to come up with not for the truth. As for Nikah Mutaa that's not in Islam, it's just for those Shiites who pretend to be Muslims yet they don't even reach the 10% of Muslims' population. And who exactly needs to be stopped? The people with less adultery, diseases, and prostitution?! And who's the hypocrite here, you people pretend to be running for the safety of children while you have the highest teen pregnancy
Abdurrahman Ibrahim
So basically, your sources don't have prove, and yet you're here bragging about what you come up with?! And if your lives are similar to animals' yet you're proud about it, I don't expect you to understand a belief that encourages our honor, dignity, ethics, and morals since you'd rather choose the lowest as long it gives (Free of speech), well sir, keep up your thing, and as for us, we kept ours 1400 years ago and always will. 
last for as little as half an hour? & the woman receives financial compensation? Sounds like prostitution 2 me! Don't B such hypocrites! Use your own reasoning & knowledge 2 interpret & understand that some text in the Quran should B viewed only as historical info on Muhammad, & not used 2 impose violent, idiotic, archaic laws & customs on muslim people, let alone the world! But U wont understand what I'm saying, which is why Islam is so dangerous, & needs 2 B stopped 4 the sake of all humanity.
HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction in Muslim Countries,"The issue of HIV/AIDS prevention in Muslim countries is a complex problem and requires a multifaceted approach with particular attention to cultural norms." I'm sure the cases R lower, but will face an epidemic if not addressed, stop the lies & save your people. Prostitution- at least western 1's make $ 4rm this, Islams history of pimping out their female slaves 4 $ is well documented. & let's not get into Nikah Mut‘ah, a temporary marriage that can
U R so narrow minded, I do feel sorry 4 U. Yes, If I had 2 pick between the lesser of 2 evils, I would rather have people freely express their racism then to live with oppression or subjugation. Also U need 2 research the cases of STD's, especially AIDS in Muslim countries. Because of the social stigmas & consequences 4 'immoral' behavior, Muslims don't get treated & the government under-reports amount of cases. Memoona Hasnain, research director of UIC said in her paper, Cultural Approach to
Abdurrahman Ibrahim
Well, (Freedom) might earned you a tongue to say with it whatever you want, penis to put it wherever you want, and free of ways to earn money however you want, but also, everything has its price. For the tongue, you've got most racist world ever, for your penis you've got almost every horrible disease in the world, and for your the money you've got your women selling their honor for piece of paper. Congratulations! You've got FREEDOM! 
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