Fall On Me - Forty Two





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Published on Aug 10, 2012

Finals were taking place now and all of them tried their best to get their best grades. Even though, none of them had been to school much. The halls were packed with people with a textbook in hand. It was a nice change, Selena thought to herself. For once, no one was preoccupied with her life.

Frozen, she stood a little further from her locker as she saw a similar figure opening the locker next to hers. Could it be?

"Good to see you." Nick said with a smile, closing the locker and turned to her.

"Hi." Slowly, she walked toward him, making sure there was still distance between them.

A few moments had passed when Nick kept staring at her. "Look, am I going to have to ask for a kiss?" He said before he chuckled.

It took every ounce of her not to jump on him and hold him tight but she looked away, giving him a tight smile. "I'll see you around." Selena nodded and opened her locker as Nick stared at her.

He couldn't believe that she wasn't all over him. Couldn't she just make it easy and kiss him? Or hug him? Why was she making this difficult? Even after all of this. "Lena..." Nick finally whispered, hurt.

As soon as Selena finished taking out her things, she slammed her locker and looked over at him. "I'm sorry for everything, Nick. I truly am. Good luck for your finals." She said before she began to walk away.

"Wait!" He said, making her freeze. The movement he made was so quick that he himself was surprised, he took her hands and rolled her sleeves. "Surely, you don't think I'm stupid, do you?" Nick clenched his jaw and looked at her cuts. "What the hell's wrong with you?" He asked, frustrated looking at her.

Selena pushed him away but only slightly. "I really wish I knew, Nick. All I know is that... everyone around me will somehow get hurt. I just can't afford having you get hurt again." She breathed and pushed past him as she walked away.

Nick sort of stood there for a moment. He was tired and it wasn't just because of Selena. It was because of the medication he was on but nonetheless, everything that was happening with Selena.

How could he make everything go back to normal? How could he make her believe everything was okay? Why did she have to make it so hard?


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