Home Made Mouse Trap..... Bowl Of Oil





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Published on Sep 30, 2010

Here's the story: Bowl with some extra Vegetable cooking oil that was going to be re-used was left on top of the stove. Turned out to be one hell of a mouse trap, as when I woke up the next morning I found these three stupid critters stuck in the bowl. Bowl was given to the super of my building, and God knows what he did to them. End of story :)

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They look like miniature hippos
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i feel bad for laughing
Jose Lainez
I thought of seals
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Turn that fucking burner on brah lmao!!
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azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL Fuck you and your love for pests
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Chin Chin is pleased with this.
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England is my city but ur pussy is my state
he needs some extra chromosomes
Wais Rahmani
+MrAznRixe lol that brown nerd!!!!!
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I hate how all these PETA fags watch these videos and then bitch, claiming that the life of a rodent is equivalent to that of a human... I love animals but my God some of you people have lost touch with reality. Go to the Congo and THEN tell me this, of all things, is cruel.
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Cognitively Advanced Zygote
FritoLayBeanDip I love animals but watching their pain but suffering doesn't affect me, because my species is superior. Peta is a cigarette organization. (Yes, fag is another word for cigarette)
I know right? All those stupid peta people are annoying.
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Tony England
To all the people talking about cruelty. Look closely at the middle of the bowl. See all that poop? And that's just one night. They're doing that all over your house when they get in, not to mention the pee everywhere, too. It's not "cruel" to get rid of these pests - it's "cruel" to let your family's health be affected by these pests.
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Raeman Muzik
Tony England this is the problem with the new sensitive generation. next thing you know theyll scream Spider Lives Matter.
Noble Ward
well said. I can't stand it when commenters act as though vermin are people and deserve our empathy. They're destructive pests and nothing more.
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J Flank
Turn the fire on and cook them.
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+Michelle Moore<----This person is retarded
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This is cruel, the poor animals are just like you and I and ha-ha disregard that, just kill those faggot mice.
turn the burner on, crisp em up, then throw some salt and lettuce in there and you have lunch.
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that's what she said
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Now that's what I call being "scared shitless".  The proof is floating in the oil. 
Angus Chandler
iflyTony lol
Little hippos!
But disgusting.
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