Lil G - Letter To Dr Dre Feat. Big Swisha (MUSIC VIDEO)





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Published on Sep 17, 2011

Lil G Featuring Big Swisha - Letter To Dr. Dre - from the mixtape "Blue Devil 2"
Download link to the full Blue Devil 2 Mixtape
or @ datpiff

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He;s cute a nd he got a sext voice 
Wasder Acvade
Ths shit hot my nigga. I am black and I fuck with mexicans!
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Bob Hill
Wasder Acvade we don't fuck with u
+Wasder Acvade If you like King Lil G you might feel this! If not, it can't hurt to listen. I do this for fun and in my spare time, just take a sec to listen. https://soundcloud.com/xlstudios/immigrant
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FuK Radio.!...Stay UnderGround.!..Bigger than Hip Hop.!.  Dre Sold out a long time Ago.!..With Snoop.!.And Ice Cube.!..Eazy E was right.
Fuck all cholo's. Get a fucking job, take care of your family and stop blaming society. Start taking responsibilities for your own actions. Gang life leads to either prison or death. I am a Mexican American who grew up just like these fools but took a different path. Graduated from High School, joined the Army and now I am a successful person. Not rich but living good with a beautiful family. And my dad died when I was 16 and my mom took off. No excuses in this life but your own BS excuses to throw your life away. AGAIN, FUCK ALL CHOLO'S.. 
Lillie Gee
wish lil G would go back to this he changed aloot ...
Brandon Lopez
true shit
If Nate dogg was on that Hook!!! This would be even more dope
man that do try so hard to like Nate dog this s*** is fire though and I don't even f*** with little G
The truth!!!! Well here it is, get mad if u want. Blacks r more excepting than Mexicans r. No lies n dis post, only truth n these r facts not just opinions. If da prison gang called da EME didn't kill n fuck up there own peeps 4 kicking it wit blacks den it would b a whole lot easier for Mexicans 2 express themselves n da rap game. It's fear dat stops a lot of Mex from working close wit black rappers.The eme taxes mex involved in tha streets dats y it will neva happen.Racism is bad 4 biz
Julius Allison
why would Dr. Dre sign a mexican rapper when mexicans are racist towards black people.  I have heard many a time mexicans refer to black people and NIGGERS, MYATES, and any other racial slur any white KKK or NEO NATZI would use.  Mexicans have killed black people all over the country just for being black.    Hip hop is a black thing, it was created by blacks and for blacks.  why would a black person sign another person who would kill him just because he is black.  doesnt make sense to me.  
Julius Allison
1st off dont try and tell me my history.  Hip Hop was created by Black people.  Just becaus other people embraced the culture and music doesn't mean they created it.  If you do your history the pioneers of Hip Hop are all Black.  I understand your point, and thanks for commenting, I dont think we should be killing each other, but that is what is going on.  It seems like there is more hate coming from Hispanic people.  As a kid I have watched some west coast movies such as "Menace to Society" and it potrayed Hispanics a cool people, for instance the scene where they got beat up by the cops and they drop them off in the mexican neighborhood, and the mexicans took them to the hospital, but as I have grown into adulthood it is a totally different story.  You may be a reasonable person, and not a racist, but for the most part, and from what I have seen MOST Hispanics are extremely racist towards Black people.  Maybe one day I will experience different.  Hopefully!
Uncle Ruckus
First of all I'm Mexican I live in New York & my girlfriend is Black & I hang out with ostly Black people there so I'm not racist against Black people, 2nd of all we shouldn't be killing eachother because that's what White people wants us to do it's called Divide & Conquer, 3rd of all Hip Hop started in the Bronx Black people were not only rapping but so were Puerto Ricans & Dominicans it eventually made it's way to the Westcoast & worldwide especially in Japan, the UK, Germany, France Italy, Mexico etc. 
Eric Bee
this dude is all over mayate's nutts.
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Mr. Aztec Warrior
Lol nah I'mma go listen to tupac because that's basically what this bitch is trying to be.
Speak Yo Peace TV
Go listen to Scarface Do What I Do featuring Rick Ross and Nas. Nas gotta important message for u at the end
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Sexy Angel
I wonder if they tour I love this King little. but I live in Canada.
Emmanuel Deng
+Sexy Angel same
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