Scandalous Episode 7





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Uploaded on Mar 9, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, there been a lot of stuff going on at school
;p Enjoy

Continued from last time

Sierra a bit down on her lip, she didn't want Aimee to hear that. She slowly turned around, tring to hide her fear as she straightened her shoulders. Repeating to herself, just do what Rachale told you to do. "I said you're a slut". Aimee narrowed her eyes at Sierra "Your boyfriend definitely, didn't think so" said Aimee smirking. Bringing up Joe was a risk, she had to protect her secret, but Sierra was starting to make her angry. Joe looked at Aimee with wide eyes. "What does Joe have to do with this?" said Sierra as she glaced over at Joe. "M-" Aimee started, but was interrupted by a loud booming laugh. Sierra looked at the cafteria door's to see Rachael with Jake, his arm draped over her shoulder, and Rachael laughing obnoxiously at his joke. "Oh great, the bitch" said Aimee blackly. Rachael immediately stopped laughing as she heard Aimee's voice. Sierra rolled ehr eyes as she sat down in her seat, she might as well just shut up and let them argue. 'What did you say, bitch?" said Rachael as she slithered out of Jake's grasp. Aimee shook her head "You still think I'm scared of you?". Rachael laughed with humor "I wish you bitches of the Upper East Side would stop acting so tough" said Rachael. "And I wish washed up Brittney Spears wanna-bees would go to hell" said Aimee while glaring at Rachael. "We are not gonna go this again" said Sierra while standing up. Rachael rolled her eyes "Tell Miss Disappear that". Aimee rolled her eyes "You'll regret this Sierra". Aimee knew that she was gonna get Sierra back, she just didn't know how, Sierra never had extremely Scandalous secrets. If anyone had a big secret it was Aimee.

Brie walked into the cafeteria, as noise began to fill the room again. She didn't know any one, except for the guy from her locker. She scanned the cafeteria until she finally saw him. She made her way over to him keeping her head high. "Hi Joe" she said while taking a seat. Rachael raised an eyebrow at Joe, who just shrugged. "You can't just sit there" said Sierra annoyed. Nick was in a daze "Of course she can sit there" said Nick as he focused on Brie's face. "Who are you any way?" said Rachael. "I'm Brie. Brie Lucas, I'm new here". "Obviously" muttered Sierra while looking over at Jake who had his arms around Rachael's shoulders. "Are you two a couple?" she finally said jealousy in her words. Rachael smirked and mouthed 'JEALOUS'. Jake shook his head "No, I've got my I on somebody else" he said while adding a wink to Sierra at the end. Joe seemed to turn red with jealousy as he put his arm tightly around Sierra's waste "I wonder who that is". Brie looked at the tension at the table. It was just like her rich friends in Cali acted. They all hated each other, but pretended to like each other. She was gonna like it here.

This isn't one of my best episodes, I think I could've done better, but plz comment. T_T (I luv comments).
*****Chio, Death*****


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