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Uploaded on Jul 28, 2007

I am a huge fan of Creative Assembly's Total War series of games, ever since Shogun: Total War came out (and mention of how it would be like Kurosawa's "Ran").

I find the artificial intelligence is still screwy on how well it reacts to me. Even when I set the game to it's hardest setting, I find it doing stupid things. Though it does seem to be learning from my tactics. A plus.

I am curious if you can change the "turn" system into days, not seasons, six months, or years. (This can also allow things like weather to be factors.) Moving armies will be more realistic.

Allow players to have the option to make more production slots for buildings and military units. The con is the more you build at one time, the more cost and longer to build.

Keep all province capitals as cities, but allow players to construct forts/castles at locations. Have different levels of fortification, so earth and wood forts, if abandoned, would slowly fall apart and disappear, while metal and stone fortifications would fall apart, but remain standing.

Cities that are regularly attacked would lose population and even shrink in size/level.

AI control for Assassins, let me choose what types of things for the assassin to attack, and set the level of difficulty I want the assassin to attempt. Let the assassin have a home-base feature, so if an enemy figure gets close, the assassin will move out, attempt to kill, then withdraw to home base without me having to tell the assassin to do that.

Fix this "unit is knocked out of it's place and forgets where it is going" issue.

I was looking forward to Rome: Total War to feature siege works, palisades, moats, spikes, towers, etc, like Ceaser did at the Battle of Alesia.

For "Napoleon: Total War" or "America: Total War," (the basic concepts of those games, I mean), include options for using canals. And with that, boats that could either be on AI control, you have some nominal control of, or you could directly control (they are an unit you can move about).

Another concept I forgot to mention is: Can I build roads anywhere I want?

Another idea: a city can construct things, but it can construct things faster if it is connected to other cities by roads/canals. And the higher the population/level of those other cities, the faster you can build. The more resources the other cities have, the faster you can build. Etc.

In reading about the American Civil War and other wars on the North American continent, allow fortifications that are actually extended walls that extend distances and can be occupied. This will keep enemy units/armies from moving thru the land, and allow attacking forces to focus as much or as little on the battle line.

Give reinforcement armies special commands so they can join a battle with me, but will perform certain actions. So I can tell a reinforcement army (especially if it is composed of artillary) to target the enemy infantry or missile units.

Make retinue swapping easier!


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