Baby Cheetah and Dog Best Friend





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Published on Mar 16, 2008

Cheetah that is being hand-raised at a wildlife preserve in Florida because its mother rejected it. This is NOT a pet! No, you can not have one.

More Info: I recorded this at the White Oaks Conservation Center in northern Florida. I have no relationship with the center - I was just a visitor there. Since the mother abandoned the baby, they had to hand raise it, which required socialization. I was waiting for my ride when they brought this gorgeous creature in, and it was a remarkable, surreal, beautiful moment for me.

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Cheetahs make wonderful pets, but it takes a lot of money to properly care for them.
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Phoenix Gasperini
It's a breath of fresh air to hear other people agreeing with the pet cheetah trade. I'd love to own one as a pet one day.
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Fuck! The cheetah population would skyrocket if they were pets! Remember the wolves? Now there domestic dogs! There could potentially be domestic cheetahs! 
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Cheetahs are actually quite tamable and tend to become lazy when kept as pets. Wildlife reserves who nurse injured cheetahs back to health report having a hard time getting them to go back into the wild because they enjoy being babied so much. They're the most docile and tamable big cat and have bites weaker than most big dogs.
pepe cohetes
Some of the comments here are amazingly stupid and uninformed; show total lack of knowledge of biology and science.
Yes humans have tamed cheetahs in the past and they do tend make great pets. The true issue is that domestication (breeding for ideal traits to live alongside humans) is nearly impossible because cheetahs are incredibly difficult to breed in captivity.
We need to start domesticating cheetahs NOW.
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poppy seed
I want to see them interacting without leashes
Kathryn Mitchell
So cute!  I love cheetahs and I'd love to have one, although I know that I can't.  
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Uh yes you can, get a licence Cheetah's are legal to own with a wild animal ownership license and permit for their state travels. 

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