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Published on Jun 27, 2010

me and my lil bro messin around fuckin shit up


you see me up, on this beat, making it flo like 2 feet, when i walk up on the street, ill be packin all da heat, dont fuck with me or my boys,

or im gonna make some fuckin noise, pop some shots 2 in yo head, paramedic gets there pronounce you dead, hows it taste all that led,

blood splatters all on yo bed, dont worry yo girl aint dead, she just coming to give me head, imma tell you just like you said,

im the nigga that you dread, now you fallin from the top, im gonna make yo body drop, make a noise when you hit the ground,

in your tomb safe and sound, yea this beat, i will pound now they know the names around, grand daddy k is in tha town,

comin up, in tha game, now im gonna take all the fame,

zak:comin up in this game, kanyes gonna think im kinda lame, dont get mad im just sayin, im fuckin shit up just tha same,

numba 1 you numba 2, nigga ill beat da shit outta you, gettin mad i got no clue, just gonna make tha beat stop, im comin back, on top,

wont stop, till you drop, ima hop right to the top, rap game just aint tha same, biggie should be the biggest name, got my lil bro rappin wit me,

might aswell go climb a tree, but you still wont be higher then me, look straight up and youll see, my flo harder then a rock ima make your

girl suck my cock, dont get mad cause i dissed you, making your rap look straight like poo, ima do this to everyone, everyday till im numba one,

im runnin shit ill take your gun, put it to your head but im not done.


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