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Published on Jul 10, 2012

"Startup Stories" is series of short films highlighting the challenges facing America's job creators and the pro-growth policies offered by Startup Act 2.0. The first "Startup Stories" video features entrepreneur Fabien Beckers, founder and CEO of the U.S. company Morpheus Medical, based in Palo Alto, California.

Originally from France, Fabien Beckers has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Cambridge and a Master's Degree in Business from Stanford University. His company, Morpheus Medical, has developed the first cardiac diagnostic tool that provides 3D interactivity, flow and pressure data inside the heart non-invasively. However, Fabien could soon be forced to move his company elsewhere because of American visa policies.

Other countries recognize the importance of entrepreneurs like Fabien to their nation's economies, and are moving aggressively to attract the highly-skilled individuals that found businesses and create jobs. Over the last 18 months, seven countries have adopted new laws to attract entrepreneurs from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Australia and Singapore.

Startup Act 2.0, introduced by U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), would help the United States win the global battle for talent by creating new opportunities for American-educated and entrepreneurial immigrants to remain in the United States where their talent and ideas can fuel economic growth and create American jobs. The bill also alleviates regulatory burdens that make it more difficult for businesses to expand and create jobs. Finally, Startup Act 2.0 makes changes to the tax code to encourage investment in startup companies.

Research shows that for close to three decades, companies less than five years old have created almost all of the net new jobs in America -- averaging about 3 million jobs each year. Additionally, more than a quarter of technology and engineering companies started in the United States from 1995 to 2005 had at least one key founder who was foreign-born. These companies produced $52 billion in sales and employed 450,000 workers in 2005.


  1. 211

    Kansas State Fair - 100 Years of the State Fair

  2. 212

    Fun at the 2012 Kansas State Fair

  3. 213

    Sen. Jerry Moran Questions Sec. Napolitano About National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF)

  4. 214

    Senator Moran Fires up the Crowd at the Farm Bill Now Rally

  5. 215

    When it Rains, We Pray it Pours

  6. 216

    Businesses and Individuals are Building America

  7. 217

    Friends of McConnell: A History of McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita

  8. 218

    Sen. Jerry Moran Discusses the 2012 Drought in Senate Floor Speech

  9. 219

    Sen. Jerry Moran speaks out against the USDA's promotion of "Meatless Mondays"

  10. 220

    Sen. Moran on Fox to Voice Concerns over UN Arms Trade Treaty and Ongoing Drought

  11. 221

    Fox and Friends Highlights Sen. Moran's Comments about "Meatless Mondays" at USDA

  12. 222

    Sen. Moran Voices Concerns Over Impact of Estate Tax on Farmers and Ranchers

  13. 223

    Sen. Jerry Moran Questions USDA Promotion of "Meatless Mondays" Amid Record Droughts

  14. 224

    Sen. Jerry Moran speaks out against the unjust 'Estate Tax' and offers support for the 'Fair Tax'

  15. 225

    Sen. Moran Discusses Drought and CFTC Failures With CNBC's Rick Santelli

  16. 226

    Sen. Moran Defends Freedom of Speech

  17. 227

    Sen. Moran Calls for New KC-46A Tanker Fleet to be based at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita

  18. 228

    Sen. Moran Appeared on Fox Business to Discuss His Call for CFTC Chairman to Resign

  19. 229

    KU Cancer Center Receives NCI Designation

  20. 230

    Startup Stories - Mert Iseri, SwipeSense

  21. 231

    Sen. Moran Very Optimistic Kansas University Cancer Center Will Receive NCI Designation

  22. 232

    Sen. Moran Discusses Importance of Religious Liberty

  23. 233

    Sen. Moran Voices Concerns About Challeges Facing the American Economy

  24. 234

    Sen. Moran Offers Birthday Tribute to U.S. Army

  25. 235

    Sen. Moran Introduces Farm Bill Amendment to Support Development Aid in Hunger Stricken Countries

  26. 236

    Sen. Moran Questions JPMorgan-Chase CEO Jamie Dimon during Senate Banking Hearing

  27. 237

    Sen. Moran Pays Tribute to Fallen Kansas Troops

  28. 238

    Sen. Moran Leads Senate Floor Conversation with Colleagues on Startup Act 2.0

  29. 239

    Sen. Moran Joins Press Conference Announcing Introduction of Startup Act 2.0 in House

  30. 240

    Sen. Moran Discusses Importance of Medical Research

  31. 241

    Sen. Moran Participates in Wichita Memorial Day Service

  32. 242

    Sen. Rubio Promotes Job Creation Through Startup Act 2.0

  33. 243

    Sen. Moran Floor Speech on Startup Act 2.0

  34. 244

    Startup Act Press Conference - Part 1

  35. 245

    Startup Act 2.0 Press Conference - Part 2

  36. 246

    Sen. Moran on CNBC's Squawk on the Street with AOL Co-Founder Steve Case

  37. 247

    Sen. Moran Outlines Startup Act 2.0 on MSNBC with Sen. Warner

  38. 248

    Sens. Moran and Warner Discuss Startup Act 2.0 on CNN's "Starting Point"

  39. 249

    Senator Moran Pays Tribute to Kansas Rep. Bob Bethell

  40. 250

    Sen. Moran Introduces Bill to Protect Rights of American Gun Owners

  41. 251

    Sen. Moran Urges Congress to Pass a Budget

  42. 252

    Senator Moran Pays Tribute to Fallen Kansas Police Officers

  43. 253

    America Must Win Global Battle for Talent

  44. 254

    Pain at the Pump

  45. 255

    Sen. Moran on Fox News to Discuss Withdrawal of DOL Youth Farm Labor Rule

  46. 256

    Sen. Moran on Importance of Mental Health Professionals for American Veterans

  47. 257

    Sen. Moran Discusses DOL Farm Labor Regulations on Fox News

  48. 258

    Sen. Moran Discusses Rising Gas Prices

  49. 259

    Sen. Moran Seeks Answers on the Collapse of MF Global

  50. 260

    Sen. Moran Remakrs at Hearing to Review FY2013 Budget Request for the Food and Drug Administration

  51. 261

    Sen. Moran Floor Remarks on Postal Bill

  52. 262

    Sen. Moran Questions Inspector General on GSA Regional Conference

  53. 263

    Sen. Moran Outlines Importance of Entrepreneurship at Small Business Committee Roundtable

  54. 264

    Floor Speech on Iran Threat and Nuclear Negotiations

  55. 265

    Sen. Moran Questions Secretary Vilsack on RUS

  56. 266

    Memorializing the 'Man of the Hour'

  57. 267

    Sen. Moran Questions on NIH FY2013 Budget, Medical Research

  58. 268

    Sen. Moran Shares Concerns on Two-Year Anniversary of Health Care Law

  59. 269

    Sen. Moran and Sen. Thune Speak about JOBS Act

  60. 270

    Overregulation Nation: Sen. Moran on DOL Youth Farm Labor Proposed Rule on Fox News Channel

  61. 271

    Sen. Moran Questions Sec. Sebelius on Funding for the Dept of Health

  62. 272

    Sen. Moran Discusses Job Creation and Startup Act at Banking Hearing

  63. 273

    Sen. Moran Stands up for Rural Veterans at Senate Veterans Committee Hearing

  64. 274

    Sen. Moran and Sen. Thune Voice Strong Concerns Over Department of Labor's Proposed Rules

  65. 275

    Sen. Moran Questions Sec. Napolitano Over Lack of NBAF Funding

  66. 276

    Sen. Moran Speaks About Why Department of Labor Regulation Remains a Threat to Agriculture

  67. 277

    Sen. Moran at Wireless Innovation Alliance Economic Briefing

  68. 278

    Sen. Moran on Kudlow Report with Sen. Mark Warner

  69. 279

    Sen. Moran Questions CFPB Director Richard Cordray during Senate Banking Hearing

  70. 280

    Sen. Moran Speaks on PIPA, Innovation and the Startup Act

  71. 281

    Sen. Moran Gives Western Caucus Weekly Address

  72. 282

    Sen. Moran and Sen. Roberts Announce Kansas War Hero Now Eligible to Receive Medal of Honor

  73. 283

    Sen. Moran Shares His Concerns Regarding New Regulations for Youth in Agriculture

  74. 284

    Sen. Moran on 40th Anniversary of National Cancer Act

  75. 285

    Sen. Moran Appears on CSPAN's Washington Journal

  76. 286

    Sen. Moran and Sen. Warner Host Press Conference to Introduce Startup Act

  77. 287

    Senator Moran and Senator Warner Outline Startup Act on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street"

  78. 288

    Sen. Moran Voices Concern over the Payroll Tax Cut Extension

  79. 289

    Sen. Moran Pays Tribute to Father Kapaun

  80. 290

    The Startup Act: Entrepreneurs are the Key to an Economic Jump Start

  81. 291

    World War II Veterans Visiting Their Memorial

  82. 292

    Sen. Moran Spoke on the Senate Floor about the Communities First Act

  83. 293

    Senator Moran Introduces Ajit Pai of Kansas During Nomination Hearing

  84. 294

    Sen. Moran Supports the Nomination of Tom Hoenig to become the Vice Chairman of the FDIC

  85. 295

    Sen. Moran Introduces Amendment to Preserve Rural Post Offices

  86. 296

    Sen. Moran Voices Concern Over Upcoming USDA Forum

  87. 297

    Senator Moran Discusses Importance of School Nutrition

  88. 298

    Sen. Moran Successfully Offers Amendment Supporting Rehabilitation of Watershed Dams

  89. 299

    Sen. Moran Visits with Holcomb Elementary School Students via Skype

  90. 300

    Sen. Moran Recognizes the Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation at Ft. Leavenworth

  91. 301

    Sen. Moran Questions Sec. Geithner During Small Business Committee Hearing

  92. 302

    Sen. Moran Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  93. 303

    Sen. Moran Pushes for Full Enforcement of Sanctions on Iran

  94. 304

    Sen. Moran Outlines Legislation to Jump Start the Economy

  95. 305

    Stopping in at the Kiowa County Media Center

  96. 306

    Sen. Moran Warns of the Consequences of Palestian Action at U.N.

  97. 307

    YouTube Town Hall: "More Trade, More Jobs"

  98. 308

    Sen. Moran Discusses Flood Insurance Relief at Senate Banking Committee Hearing

  99. 309

    Questioning the Postmaster General

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