Picture of the Big Bang (a.k.a. Oldest Light in the Universe)





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Published on Jun 7, 2012

Where does all the stuff in the universe come from?

Explore a map of the big bang! http://www.bigbangregistry.com

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Music by Nathaniel Schroeder

Thanks to Nima Doroud and Chantal Hutchison for contributions and to Perimeter Institute for support.
http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca Created by Henry Reich

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NVA Film
0:38 Now i'm hungry 2:14 oh never mind, Hungry gone
NVA Film 3:57 hungry again? :D
Oh, i thought the big bang was 9 months before i popped out.
Slash Gaming
oh god.... i just got that ....😳ffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
when astronomy starts in school ill probably be liks da booss
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+Irun Mon HE just fucking said its starting
+Irun Mon  astronomy hasnt started yet. it starts in a year for me.
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Annu Naki
Deep down inside I feel as if the Universe is older than 13.7 billion years old..
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Tony Spilotro
+Seamless Robe Quantum electrodynamics makes much more sense than your incoherent ramblings.
Seamless Robe
There are only two spherical positive and negative electromagnetic waves +1 and -1 represents the inward absorption and outward emission of electromagnetic waves.. .  .And 0 represents the moment of now for each photon electron coupling, or dipole moment!! There exists only two combinations of these Two Spherical Sine Wavefronts multiplying inward +1=0 now -1 dividing outward at right angles from their sources.. .  .They have opposite vectors and quantum spin forming the positron +1=0 now -1 electron Wave Centre.. .  .See: Spherical Electron Sixty Symbols.. .  .
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That website's askin' a password and a username!
2:45 that's really hypnotising!
Richard S.
Well, the site isn't even working... You know, maybe write that in the description or something...
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Richard S.
+computerkopman123 Is it? Is it really? No.
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John Adams
But what about GAAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDD   ;_; says the in denial Christians
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Joe Johnson
+Prince Vegeta I wish there were more group studies with other Christians and even of different worldview adherents. There would be less confusion amongst different people.
+Joe Johnson Some Christians think the firney means something else.Those Christians are the dumbasses that believe in flat earth
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Mike Lentsch
didn't hear the word "theory" or "we think" mentioned even once.  It may have unfolded this way, but we don't know.  It's a guess.  That should be made a little more evident for all the little kiddies, don't you think?  I mean, are we doing science, here, or not?
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+Mike Lentsch while I won't allow myself the time to read your whole comment (got better things to read) I already got stuck on the part you said that for something to be 'astounding' and 'overwhelming' you need something in comparison.. You state that as a fact really, but is it really? As firstly, it is merely a feeling that is brought to words, which words can vary in interpretation. Maybe your kind of 'astounding' feelings always get analysed directly, thus compared. The feeling I get when really experiencing the nothingness of space (or call it whatever you like) doesn't really need comparison, for it just is, and in that feeling I can let everything be. I think that is more the kind of thing +uzjedi meant, but that's just my guess.
+Martin Mcintosh Yes this is how you have in-depth discussions instead of the usual bullshit in the comment sections.  Maybe you can learn a thing or two.
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This is a lie. The Creator created all in its indescribable current form, and in trying to describe the indescribable, we have created a complex web of lies (a large portion of science).
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Alec Dela Paz
I only got one quote for you. Pass the damn weed
you're right fourPodimethyIT, that's why technology has been the same for all time
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