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Published on Jul 30, 2012

the gentlemen's take on gun regulation.
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written and directed by John Elerick

John Elerick http://twitter.com/johnelerick
Travon Free http://twitter.com/Travon
Roger Roth http://twitter.com/rabberjabber
Will Stephens http://twitter.com/WillSteph

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Comments • 10,594

Philip Zeplin
America - the only country where everyone has guns, and at the same time, everyone is confused why their homicide rate is so high.
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they give them a rifle but not ammo
The Rageaholic
Then we could cite you real facts disproving your "statistics" and you would call us liberals and rage.
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Fróði Jarisson
These guys aren't gentlemen, they're pussies. If I want to own an assault rifle with a dual drum magazine, scope, and silencer, then I will.
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Benjamin Over
+Fróði Jarisson Yeah, you probably need it also to boost your manhood
Ivan Chesnokov
+dvs9019 Here come the dick jokes that antis are so crazy about making. maybe theyre just insecure about their own so they make jokes about others.
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1. Defense of my self, friends and family from tyrannical government (cough cough bundy ranch, Waco Texas....) 2. Defense of myself, family and friends from sociopaths, rapists, murderers,etc.. 3. It's my God given right to own one in order to defend my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
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+Benjamin Over There didn't need to be. Spread of communism was enough to go to war.
Benjamin Over
Also the Vietnam war was started on false assumptions. There never was a second attack on US ships in the gulf of Tonkin you nobrainer. Learn some history you fool.
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John Marston
Wow, these guys are highly uninformed. As soon as you lose the 2nd Amendment you lose the ability to protect all the rest.
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The UK doesn't have an equivalent to the second amendment and their government hasn't taken control. Arming the general population will not prevent an oppressive government. The Syrian rebels have plenty of small arms but can't face off against the air support the government has. Now imagine the even more technically advanced US government. They would quell any uprising faster that it could begin.
Matthew Power
When some pissed off guy who just got sacked from work decides to grab a gun and kill your family and everyone else he happens to see, good luck trying to protect yourself with that useless scrap of paper from colonial times.
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Wow this is the video with the most dislikes. Speaks volumes about the US.
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McZidanne probably because this is the one video where they have absolutely no clue what they're talking about. Not a single one of these people knows what semi-automatic means, and I doubt any of them could give a definition of what an assault rifle is.
Parker Ammar
+Benjamin Over Putting up some real solid arguments there, bud. Anytime you wanted to start arguing with objectivity instead of making up some stereotype that everyone who owns a gun is a redneck who doesn't know how to use it.
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im just sitting here in sweden feeling safe that no one has a gun here :)
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rants n' rambles
+Maxime Laville seems pretty safe in france
Kyle S.
Interesting considering your country is now the rape capital of Europe and the fact that your government lets large hordes of Islamic fundamentalists in to wreak havoc and walk all over your culture and force Shariah Law down your throats.
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If you asked the founding fathers if they considered an assault rifle part of the 2nd Amendment, they would say "What is an assault rifle" because they hadn't been invented when the founding fathers were alive.
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Sitting Pyro
+Keagan Whitelaw What state are you? and what tax stamps do you have to go through?
+FelineElaj I know a few people living there with the exact opposite of that person's opinion.
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Beyond Tribalism
You seem to be confused as to what the definition of an assault rifle is. assault rifle: a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use. Semi automatic weapons are not fully automatic, and therefore are not assault weapons. A pistol is semi automatic, so is an ar-15. Please understand the topic you are discussing, before exposing yourself as a fool.
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Thomas Sollars
+Monzer El-Hachem It stands for "ArmaLite." Just like most of the other models of weapons designed by ArmaLite. Sort of like the "AK" in AK-47 stands for "Auto Kalashnikov." The "AR-15" and "AK-47" names are used by many manufacturers to denote the style of the design, but they all have their own model numbers. Bushmaster, for example, calls theirs the "XM-15" series - but when people see it, they always call it an AR. So, no, "AR" does NOT mean "Assault Rifle." Sorry. It wouldn't fit the formal definition, even if it did. +lowfat_edibles is correct - a semi-auto rifle does NOT fit the definition of an assault rifle. No selective fire for full auto/burst. In fact, true assault rifles were banned from sale to civilians in the USA in 1986.
Beyond Tribalism
Lots of weapons have assault rifle or automatic rifle in the name because the original military configuration was fully automatic. That doesnt change the fact that the civilian versions are semi automatic.
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Nick Van Riper
The second amendment is not about hunting. The number one reason for the second amendment is to protect people from their own government. If we are unarmed, how are they going to stop the government from running us over? What would we do with a president who goes too far? Vote them out? How would we enforce and back the new president if we've got no guns and our new dictator does? We don't want to become Nazi Germany, do we? (Likely? Maybe not. Entirely possible? It's entirely possible.)
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+TheManInUrPC The UK is a capitalist country which borrows some socialist ideas, much like the US does but leaning a little more towards socialism. What's so terribly wrong with that..?
+XTheGamingBossX It already happened in the UK. It's called Socialism. 
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Failure in Progress
The idea behind the founding fathers decision is that THE PEOPLE, be as EQUALLY armed as the government to fight it should it ever become an oppressive system.
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Brinley Hutson
+Khalil Breda Also, another historic point is the "Hippy Movement" of the 50s. The military did, in fact, fire upon civilians that were carrying out their freedom of speech.
Brinley Hutson
+Khalil Breda I want you to do one thing; watch the new US Navy advertisement. They specifically say that they stand by to carry out any order administered to them by their superiors. Do I really think it could happen anytime soon? Absolutely not! However, not racist at all, simply implying my point, a century ago, a black American President would have been the laughing stock of the era. Anything can happen.
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