Derrick J Assaulted by Crossing Guard





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Published on Mar 2, 2012


Friday, March 2, 2012 - I am assaulted by an angry crossing guard while filming Keene Middle School for the Shire Free Press. She didn't give her name.

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Ben Jenkins
Also, I read someone else post here and found it quite fitting, you guy's have become the same as the bullies (police, public officials) that you are trying to counter act by filming them. GOOD JOB>
Rogue Reflections
Guys..I will share my thoughts on this one. ANYONE who knows me KNOWS I will aggressively pursue any law enforcement or security, from public land. These are usually people who are EXPECTED to know laws regarding filming and digital imaging. This is an elderly woman who is probably just trying to keep some dignity in her life and more than likely, volunteering to help children cross the street. To agrees her is pretty low. .While not illegal, there just should be a line drawn. I would feel like a horrible and inhumane asshole if, while I was flexing my rights (with an elderly woman crossing guard) she had a heart attack or stepped out into traffic and was mowed down by a car.  I say film uniformed people anywhere and all the time, so I know I sound like a hypocrite, and I can live with that. Personally, I will not be doing this to my grandma or yours.  Keep safe guys. I have never thumbs down a video like this. This is my first one. Exerting your power over a working elderly lady is just shitty and a new time low. 
You're just antagonizing an elderly person.  She is most likely volunteering her time to ensure the children are safe, and you're just being an ass.  
Ben Jenkins
I watch a lot of your guys video's and have been going down this truther road for about seven years now and am much farther down that proverbial road then you guys are. As long as you keep doing this kind of bullshit you will be stuck in the same place you have been wheels spinning, I am pretty sure I watched a video of one of you arguing jurisdiction and found it hilarious. If you are still using the legal fiction of the name that appears on the birth certificate when entering court, you will always lose. Now, while I agree with your ability to film any were you like in public, what you are doing here is ridiculous. If you are going to operate within the system Police and other public officials need to be held accountable for their actions but a 70 year old crossing guard? What the hell is wrong with your guys. Get your ego's out of the skies and stop being douche bags. Seriously check yourself because if you don't someone someday, after politely asking you to stop filming them  ( not a public official just a man or woman and of course you won't stop filming)will  light you up with a haymaker George Foreman would be impressed with, so you can feel what a real assault is, not an elderly woman waving a hand held stop sign at you.
Becca Hollenbeck
i think she got fired I havnt seen her after this happened
DUDE SHES FUCKING 80 HOW THE FUCK COULD SHE ASSAULT YOU. If you can get assualted by an old grandma you deserve to have your ass kicked
You keep using the word assault. I don't think it means what you think it means.
mike macgrath
what a dumb old cunt, i fucking hate thieving welfare queen leeches. stupid old cunt thinks its ok to take food out of my kids mouth. i can't fucking wait untill all you statists wake the fuck up and abolish all forms of government .
he walked up, said hello, and got attacked by an old lady lol. nobody antagonized her or "horas" her or any of that shit. so many idiotic comments on here.
Except we didn't see what he did prior to the video starting. Piece of shit is literally harassing an old woman at her place of work. I think a fitting punishment would be for him to be hit by a bus while crossing the street.
she looks like a fucking bitch to me... she might not like what they're doing but there's no excuse to put your hand on someone else like that, and she was insulting and combative. the people defending her are childish.
Justin Wilson
very low
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