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Published on Jun 20, 2009

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Brookelle McKenzie
She did not "run off". It's clear she was pulled away. Let's talk about this though; I believe she was crying because she wasn't heard; because his voice was overpowering hers, not because she realised the truth. Because for once her opinion didn't matter. She had no say and no-one was helping her. Tears of frustration and anger, that every time she spoke, he spoke louder and more aggressive. At least now she knows what it feels like when the tables are turned.
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She cried and ran away like they do. white people don't want to hear about what they've done.
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A.L. Beasley
The spirit of Malcolm, Dr. Khalid, Hon. Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, & Gabriel Prosser were glowing through that Brotha...That gave me goosebumps! 
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Whoooooo, this dude went hard on her, with no mercy. Lord, she was just asking the question either to be slick or something, but she definitely didn't expect the truth to be handed to her on a silver platter, bow-tied and all. She wasn't ready, yall. But I gotta say, I'm not sorry for her tears. I dunno why she's even crying, when the man just told her about people that have to wake up every single day and face the same bullshit over and over again. This girl was only TOLD the ugly truth and she starts busting out in tears, while people are out there actually living the truth, and trying to put a smile on their faces at the same time. And you know what might be the worst thing about this video? That this girl didn't learn a damn thing. That she probably went home and cried to whoever was there, about how some random black man screamed at her and called her a racist. I feel like the point done flew right over her head and off a cliff and into the ocean. She will see a man screaming "racist" at her and trying to make her feel guilty for being white, when it's really not even anything like that at all. The man is straight up telling her that being white in this country WILL and DOES give you certain rights and privileges in politics and society, and that it is something you should REALIZE, ACKNOWLEDGE, PAY ATTENTION TO, and then TRY TO USE THAT POWER FOR CHANGE, not go cry in a corner and whine about how some man was 'mean to you'. There are worse things than having your feelings hurt, and this brotha outlined a good portion of that with the help of the spirit of Malcolm X and Farrakhan being channeled into his soul. Nobody is blaming you for being a slave master, because we all know you personally didn't crack the whip. But what we want you to remember is, because it was your forefathers that cracked the whip, you are in the place you are today. It is why you can walk into a job interview and have a better chance than the black and brown applicants at being hired. It is why you have the ability to NOT play the game "which bill should I pay this month? Gas, or electricity?". It is why you can worry about your mortgage, your 401k, your student loans, and your retirement, while others are worrying about making next month's rent, and not getting stabbed outside of their apartment while doing so. It is why you can go to a public school where AT LEAST half the kids can receive the education necessary to be able to read and write at the grade level they're supposed to be at. It is why you have the ability to leave your children with a nanny and go jogging or shopping, while others have to worry about if they are able to make it back from work in time to pick up their own child from the after-school program before it closes, and they force the child to just go walk home by themselves instead. Like someone said, you didn't chop down all the trees, but you're living on the land that used to be a forest. You didn't commit the act of slavery personally, but at least acknowledge the fact that you get advantages from it almost EVERY DAY, in ways that are practically inconceivable and unnoticeable to you.  But I know some of y'all still don't understand this, even after this long-ass post. In that case, I'm sleep tho. 
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Diabolical Quantum Mechanic
That was awesome! The man articulated his rage so beautifully! I just wish he had a better target.
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Leftwist Jones
She thought she was gonna get smart wit bruh like he didnt know what he was talkin about
this dude went in, god bless this man. <3
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Tyler Williams
PREACH! What did he say that was untrue? STICK TO THE QUESTION. Don't derail. I'll wait. The ONE issue I have is how he articulated the whole "you can't understand why we should hate you". I know and he knew what he was trying to say but to her, she's hearing "we hate you because you're white". That causes white people to shut down IMMEDIATELY and not listen. Well they do that anyway. But they do it faster if you say anything that sounds even remotely like that
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Watching this again, did yall notice how he REALLY went in near the end? "...corrupt selfish life that you've lived on the bones of the North American Indian, on the bones of the slaves, on the bones of the Puerto Ricans, on the bones of the Mexicans,  on the bones of all the poor people that your father MURDERED so that you can go to college, and so that you can get drunk and high, and have a good time." WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's some power right there!
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Sensei Aishitemasu
"That's so horrible." History IS horrible. White people need to grow up.
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