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Published on Sep 19, 2017

Tucker Carlson: Tonight's News, GP7A trending Who Tucker Carlson Tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yHN2w2
bwB8 where on"Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight" saying the Monopoly Google is must be regulated". What"?" Did Tucker Carlson ever hear about "Google+ Law Authority".
Monopoly Magagement Tonight Google+ Law Authority Monopoly Magagement. Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight Google+ Law Authority Google Monopoly Magagement.com

GP7A News: Yelp Me, please Luther Lowe, and Yelp is the true Monopoly, crying like babies anticompetitive talking points, makes them irrelevant ... On the subject matter of a "Google Monopoly"

Hey, Tucker Carlson! Has Tucker Carlson, the host of the Tucker
Carson Tonight show. Have yo ... Tucker Carlson, ever open a Yelp
Account" I didn't think so!- Marcus Giavanni Yelp Monopoly, not being able to control Google Browser is the entire life’s mission of YELP.

We, know it, Yelp knows it, Luther Lowe pushes it ... and now, it will head to the black hat abyss, data vaults. http://BLACKHATABYSS.COM Hey Luther Lowe ... Yelp this!

"Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight do you know about Google+ Law Authority", it’s not a "Google Monopoly" it's Magagement. Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight Google+ Law Authority Monopoly Magagement"." Thus, Google is not the only browser in the world for end users to use. I don’t use Yahoo, I don’t use Bing, because they do the same thing Google does, and FOX News does. They all have an essential point, a mission, and a board, and employees
to carry out the flow chart of command, order, and sales. Period!

But not those, who have more authority in the subject matter of Google. Than the normal; unsubstantiated, and irrelevant talking points, and his irrelevant guest. Luther Lowe, whose own company manipulate their contents, to boost advertisers. What Luther, you think nobody is watching. you just made a complete fool of

Wow, everything is a monopoly, and the innocent stand accused, whilst, the people they go to for help to share their stories. Get turned down, because. These same fools, in government, politicians, and the media they feed with millions of dollars, pushing the candidates, their ideologies. On the viewers who are slowing tuning these ships of fools out to Sea. Off the Black Hat Abyss; they will go. http://Blakhhatabyss.com a web site you’ll never want to be listed on. And nobody knows who is on that list, and only Google developers will be able to update that

I Love Google, and YouTube too. And Folks, we have reached a time in our society, when the town clown, the Rodney Dangerfield of the pollical industry in Colorado, and especially. The city and county of Denver. There are some pretty pissed off people, and they sit silently, waiting for election day to come. “GP7A News; Exclusive: When you look at all the circles, that came into play that
lead to the death of Eric Boiling, Jr. those Circles, who ridiculed, poor Eric Jr., who hated, poor Eric, you all took it out on Eric Jr” Just as Tucker Carlson, and Luther Lowe, are pushing their beliefs, and controls, and wishful commentary of Federal Intervention. What more -coming soon”.”

Therefore, all the claims of monopoly, go right down the proverbial Black Hat Abyss, as irrelevant content on Google. Period! Today Under Careful Keen Ego Relentless Can Anyone Really Look Sinister On News Just means you all need to find you niche, as I did, and fire all your SEO gurus, they suck. And if Google was so bad, why does Google allow your negative, and hostile takeover of Google browser. By the United States government, and sick
the Federal dogs of relief, like Luther Lowe of YELP. Really, that's the best you all can do!

Luther Lowe Front Runner Yelp's Monopoly Abusers Yelp 7-year itch 2018 So, Google, must submit to FOX Tucker Carlson, Yelp, Luther Lowe. And all the other actors coming fourth with a fake battle cries, for their ways, and means. Did you hear? What? The 2017 Emmy Awards. The entire Emmy Awards, and their lowest ratings ever. In the history of the Emmy Awards. The Thespians, are out of control, just like in high school. Off to the Black Hat Abyss you all go. For you all, at the Emmy Awards of 2017. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. "FYI ACTORS. NOBODY GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK"."

Did You Hear about the big flop 2018 Emmy Awards? The thespians, really bent themselves, this time! Where did the Magic go? It trickle down the leg of … WTFNK! Ya’ Heard ME! -Marcus Giavanni


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