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Published on Mar 26, 2012

OXM UK's Matt Lees takes you through another video preview of Dragon's Dogma.
OXM UK's Matt Lees takes you through another video preview of Dragon's Dogma.
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For anyone thinking of changing classes later in the game; DON'T MAKE ANY DRASTIC CHANGES! When you level up specific stats are increased based on what class you are so if you play as a mage or sorcerer then your character will have really high magic but really low defences and physical strength. This means that if you tried to go from playing a mage to a fighter or warrior, you would die constantly and do severely less damage than you would had you started as a warrior. Just a word of warning, if you want to check out the new classes, do it early on before you get to high level.
Moshpit Plays
bro ik this is 2 years from now but should i change now when iam level 27 and iam a strider to mystical knight or should i go to the practical assasin?
Wow, as I was making my character and watching the video I decided to make mage/ranger just as you said it was time to switch jobs so this is the perfect insight to what direction to take my character. What a gem of a game... how did I miss this for so long?lol
Jessie D
How can you use a bow as a mage?
verduh V
the class is Called a magik archer
ShitStained Oddities
+Jessie Dauzat It's a special class called Magick Archer that allows you to use Magick Bows. Other than that a mage cannot use a bow. Yeah, certain weapons are kind of class restricted.
Nate W
Is this game only an online game? I don't like those kind of games.
No, it's offline, but you can recruit pawns from other players into your party. That's as online as it gets.
Keng Vue
Only if they had MMOG, this game would be beast!
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still playable
Maybe because it's only in japan?
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The Anime Girl
mage lvl 24
Pedro Carlos
@Nate W its offline gameplay. The pawns you ser its only npcs following you is pawn that you can add to your party.
there is an online dd coming to america for ps3 4 and pc no xbox tho
how do you change vocations
verduh V
u go to a guy in Gran soren
Keng Vue
When you beat the game, it means your player is pretty Over power by then :)
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