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Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011

Pwad: Showdown
Author: Rick DeMar
Date: 18th April 1994
Map: e1m1
Category: Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 3:00

This level looks pretty bland in all respects, but for April 1994 it's not too bad. At least everything seems to work, there are no glaring texture errors, and infights are a strongly encouraged gameplay tactic, which is quite unusual for the time. And I like the bit where you charge across a narrow bridge toward a cliff face held by dozens of Barons. Level layout is simple, a huge arena with two raised areas you find a way to connect, and ringing this a dark passageway you have to fight through in the second half of the level. Lighting is basic, but makes sense. Texturing basically just the default set you start with in DEU. It didn't take long to find this route, as that's basically what the level forces, but it is important that you get as much infighting early on between the barons and cacos if you want a good time.

About the only other thing worth remarking on here is a striking level flaw you can start to see at 2:04 or so. As I'm blasting the crowd of monsters in that narrow passage you'll notice some of them seem to be walking into the wall on the left, occasionally even vanishing behind it. That's not an illusory wall, it's meant to be solid. But like a number of 1994 levels, this has been built with inadequate tools, and a node error means you can walk right through the wall like it's not even there. What's peculiar is how eager the monsters are to slip out that little crack. It's like a magnet pulling them out. I have a huge struggle just trying to keep them away from the opening, and you'll notice an imp slips through anyway - luckily he manages to find the exit again at 2:23 and I can blast him. Because once they wander out into the void the monsters will normally just keep on going, and you've got to run out there and try and follow them with all sorts of graphic errors making finding your path impossible. From my small number of experiments hunting down monsters in the void, I can report that:
- tracer attacks don't work
- melee and ranged attacks do work (on you as well as on them)
There's not much of this in this demo, I just duck in at 2:27 and quickly circle to check there's nothing else hiding in there. I may be mad, but I'd like to see a pwad make deliberate use of this bug, and force the player to go monster-hunting in the void at some point. Seems like an untried challenge.

Download from DSDA here: http://doomedsda.us/wad1828.html
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