Imperfection Destroyers #3: 1 vs. 100





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Uploaded on Jan 22, 2009

After Sephiroth's and Mecha Scorpio's fight with the cheapies, Ultima decided call Sephiroth to see how his teammate was doing.

Ultima: How was the convention Sephy?

Seph: It was great! All the fangirls were chasing Valentine and---wait a minute WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU TRUST ME YET?!

Ultima: It's because i wanted to make sure you weren't going to betray us.

Seph: Wasn't me saving Avalon enough?!

Ultima: Listen here pretty boy! I have been betrayed before and I've been real careful about who i pick as my allies ever since that damned doom mecharoid solider shot me in the back! And he was my most trusted squad member....

Seph: Damn...

Ultima: Alright...After reading Mecha Scorpio's report i've decided that... you are now an official member of the imperfection destroyers!

Seph: Thank you! But seriously...don't send Mecha Scorpio to follow me or for that matter anyone ever again.

Ultima: Are you kidding?! He's the best spy in the M.S.F!

Seph: Now that's one thing i didn't need to know. see you in a few days.

Ultima: Wait! I have one last thing i have to say.

Seph: What?

Ultima: We have a new team member. His name is Omega Ron Paul and he's an all-American killing machine! Wanna hear the details of his First mission?

Seph: maybe in a few days. *hangs phone*

Ultima: Pretty boy doesn't know what he's missing! *talks to the P.A* Omega Ron Paul get your patriotic ass to the control room ASAP!

O.R.P: *appears behind Ultima* Already here sir!

Ultima: HOLY!! *almost leaps out of his chair* How'd you get over here so quickly?!

O.R.P: I simply used my super-speed sir!

Ultima: Jesus...O.K Here's your 1st assignment *points to Hong Kong on the holo-globe then the globe zooms in on a specific district* You are to stop an army of Rox Howard clones from causing too much damage in this district of Hong Kong.

O.R.P: Those clones went rouge didn't they sir?

Ultima: Yes they did.

O.R.P: Just one question sir.

Ultima: what?

O.R.P: Why does high command usually send us to do these kinds of jobs?

Ultima: Apparently Rox Howard, our boss, wanted to prove to high command that the Imperfection Destroyers weren't a waste of resources, and like the Sycophantic creep that he is. He always tries to find an opportunity to prove our worth to high command.

O.R.P: I understand my purpose and mission sir!

Ultima: Good. Now make the USA and me proud!

O.R.P: HOO-RAH!!! *gets on the teleporter and it teleports him to Hong Kong*


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