Top 10 Military Generals Of All Time





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Published on Dec 29, 2009

Here is my top 10 generals. Enjoy!

Who is your fauvorite general and why? Post your awnser on comments! I have pretty strong oppinion on guys who I put on my list and you can dissagree with me but I'm standing on my opinion at least for next week. Please comment, rate (5*), subscribe and share to your friends if you like this video and my channel.


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Alpha male
No Khalid Ibn Walid??? The man who defeated Bryzantine Empire of 30000 with 3000 of his men.. Defeated the might of Roman Empire pushing them deep in European lands away from Levant. Conquered lands from Persia to levant to modern day Algeria. Was always outnumbered by the enemy. Been victorious in 28 straight battlefields and 16 small confrontations. NEVER LOST. What an Irony to miss this General.
iPhone Timer
You got that information wrong bro. Khalid Ibn Walid defeated an army of 200,000 byzantine with only 36000 men.
cine mejillas
read about khalid ibn al walid
Kaan Erdogan
Salahuddin ? Khalid ibn walid ?
man Red
Where is Tran Hung Dao and Vo Nguyen Giap?
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Truong Dang
Tay Võ Andy là người Việt mới ghê. Chắc thành phần xét lại hoặc lưu vong gì đó
chân trịnh
số 1 trong lòng con dân Đại Việt là được r :v thế giới có công nhận hay không đâu quan trọng
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Dude No Khalid bin Waleed? He and Ghengis Khan are the only two to never lose a battle. Khalid conquered Persian and Byzantine empire
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Forza Ac Milan
+Bonny Clyde But Khalid never lost a battle as a soldier and a general
Bonny Clyde
+Forza Ac Milan Scipio Africanus was never defeated by Hannibal, though he did serve in the Roman armies that were defeated at Ticinus, Trebia and Cannae, but wasn't in command in any of them. The one Hannibal defeated at Ticinus was his father Publius Cornelius Scipio.
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This is bullshit, where is Tran Hung Dao who defeated Khan army? And Khan in the list without him?!!! And where is Vo Nguyen Giap who defeated France + USA???? This is fucking bullshit listing!
hoangha to
yeah look at dislike haha
bangsamoro islam
KHALID IBN WALED is the undefeated general...
)hannibal 2)alexander 3)napoleon 4) khalid ibn walid 5) caesar 6)Scipio  7) Frederick The Great 8)Gustavus adolphus 9)Subedei 10) Belisarius
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Adam Barys
Comparing persians vast, but merely organised armies to roman strong, organised, heroic, not so numerous but almost endlessly reproductive is not good. Hannibal was able to stick together punic, gaul and metcenary units. Alex got pure macedonians + some close to them (in tems of culture) greek mercenaries etc. Both Were amazing generals, pyrrhus od epirus too. I can't see show some zhukovs or other good but not geniuses can be compared to them
James White
Hannibal was not better than Alexander, there is no way.
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Filip Gmuh
Filip Gmuh
+IphoneGames​ Hahaha you brainwashed American Without the Zukov - today you would speak German or Japanese
Lol thats a trol comment or? He fight with 1:10 in a tank battle versus Mannstein and he lost more than the half of his army
Where is Rommel?
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