A High School Story Nelena/Jemi/Kashley Ep.6 (Whos That Girl?)





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Published on Nov 1, 2008

Hey Guyz Eppy 6 :D!!
Hope You guyz Enjoyy :D!!

RECAP:Jelena Are Dating!! But Nick & Demi Are Really Sad Coz Demi Likes Joe And Nick Likes Selena! Selena Saw Nick Crying And Asked Wat Was Rong! Nick Confessed that he Liked Her And Joe Over Heard The Convo...Now He Is Asking Selena If She Likes Nick!! What Will She Say??!!! Find Out Now!!

*Back 2 The Story*

Joe: Selena...I Want the Truth Do You Like Nick??

Selena:*thinks: i kinda like him but i dont want to hurt joes feelings maybe if i stayed with joe i wud get over nick* Nope

Joe: *relaxes* Good! Do You Wanna Stay For Dinner?

Selena: Sure *smiles*

Joe: Great *smiles and puts his arm around then kisses her**pulls away* Cmon

*they walk downstairs*

*with demi and ashley*

Ashley: *notices demi is sad* Demziez wuts rong??

Demi: *looks at ashley* Promise You Wont Tell??

Ashley: *holds her hand up* Promise

Demi: *sighs**talks really fast* I Like Joe But Joe Likes Selena And Selena Likes Joe And Now They Are Dating So I Will Never Get The Chance To Be With Him Coz He Likes Her Alot!*takes a breath and looks down*

Ashley: *shocked* What About Cody??!!

Demi:*sighs* I Dont Know! I Love Him But I Like Joe Too *sad face*

Ashley: *feels bad* Ohh You Poor Baby

*With Miley,Aly, Aj*

Miley: Well What Did You See??

Aj: They Are Dating *angry*

Miley: Hmm..

Aly: Ugh! Whatever I dont Care About Joe

Miley: Good Point Aly! Youre On Your Own Aj!

Aj: *gasps* You Horrible People! *stomps off**thinks: I Dont Care About them!! WHO NEEDS THEM!! ILL GET HIM!!*

*With Jonases and Selena*

Mrs Jonas: Hello Selena Its Nice To Meet You Joe Hasnt Stop Talking About You

Selena: *laughs**looks at joe* Really??

Joe: *blushes* Ya *laughs*

Selena: Awwww....*smiles**kisses his cheek*

Nick: *REALLY JEALOUS* Lets Eat!

Kevin: Yaa!! Hey Lena Umm Do You Know Ashley's Number?

Selena: Ya *curious* Why?

Kevin: Well....I Kinda Like Her *blushes and looks away*

Selena: *laughs* Here Kev *gives her no. 2 him*

Kevin: Thanks Lena *hugs her then walks away*

*With David And Cody*

Cody: Dude You Really Messed Up!!

David: UGH!! I Know!! Im Gnna Get Her!!*runs off to think of a plan*

Cody: *sighs**smiles**takes Out His Phone*

???: Hello?

Cody: Hi Baby How R You??

???: Oh Hi Cody Baby I Was Jst Thinking Of You

Cody: Me 2! Cmon Over To Davids House

???: Alright!!

*15 min l8r ??? Comes In*

???: Hi BABY!!

Cody: Hello Gorgeous! When R Ya Going To Cancel Tht Date To Be With Me??

???: Oh...Soon...But Now I Wnna Do Smthing *sexy look*

Cody:*flirty smile* Mhm *kisses her*

Semi-Cliffhanger!! Who is Cody With?? What Will David Do To Joe?? What Will Aj Do To Selena??What Will Kevin Say To Ashley??

Find Out In Ep. 7 Of A High School Story Nelena/Jemi/Kashley

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LET'S EAT! lol thatz so forcing XD these r sooo addicting
Hiba Yousuf
whats the name of this song ??
i luvv these!! ♥ :) ☺
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