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Publicado el 9 jun. 2007

READ THIS FIRST! : The Size Of Planets and Stars to Scale (see NOTE)
Name of planets as shown:
Pluto Mercury Mars Venus Earth Neptune Uranus Jupiter Saturn
Name of Stars as shown:
Sun Sirius Vega Pollux Arcturus Aldebaran Rigel Deneb Pistol Star Betelgeuse Antares VV Cephei
Name of Song: Stakka & K Tee - Rubber Bullet
Original video:
Author: jaxxrr
NOTE: This video is a edited version of "Energy vs Information" made by jaxxrr (to which all credit goes to), I was very impressed by the production value both the video and music.

Seeing that it received few hits, which may be due to the title and tags. In order for more people to see and enjoy this video I mirrored the edited version, so people won't get too side tracked on the political message. (Although I'm against wars and big oil as well)

Please see the original version if you like here

This video was made BEFORE "VY Canis Majoris" (currently 7th largest) and as of 2012 "NML Cygni "was listed as the largest known star, When this video was made 2006 by it's author JAXXrr, the star "VV Cephei A" was listed as the largest known star.

For a list of current largest "known" stars see
Keep in mind while watching this video that the "largest known stars" are all found in our own galaxy (The Milky Way). We know of only of a very few of the estimated 200-300 Billion stars that make up our galaxy, which is just ONE of at least 300-500 billion galaxies in the visible Universe.
To learn more about the Universe see this site; it will blow your mind!...
Just keep zooming out........

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