Bibi Asia: The Condemned Christian Lady and The Blasphemy Laws





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Published on Nov 29, 2010

Here is a classical example of misinterpretation of Islamic laws & how Islamic Scholars (the mullahs) have no sense of reality sometimes. I hope someone with a good hearts does something to make this situation right.

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Ross Dsouza
So you ecourage people to follow the example of muhammad and when they start slaughtering and torturing just like him you dont like it...you cant pick and choose what actions of muhammad you want to follow its all or nothing
Sid Cordle
This is an American Muslim saying that this death sentence is having a negative effect on Islam in America. What is very clear is that Musliims behave very differently when they are in a minority as in the USA compared with where they are in a majority as in Pakistan. All westeran countries should stop giving aid to Pakistan unti this law is revoked and Asia Bibi set free. That's the only language they understand. My Government in the UK is giving Pakistan £405m this year which is only encouraging them not to change their laws.
steven rowe
I 5hink main stream muslims in the west need to protest This type of thing is doing nothing for the islam of peace they believe in I know so many decent loving muslim people i actually feel offended for them More to the point blasphemy is against God, Mohhamad was not god but human I can only say this that jesus preached lovingcgod and loving fellow man yet the christian cause has not been aided by christiansxhatingceach other The same can be said of Islam and any muslim who wants revenge on her brings the namexof Allah into disrepute Al salaamu alieakum 
kielle g
Religion isnt the problem. Its the government and the law that a certain country follows. THROW the Blasphemy law in Pakistan!
Noopi Grewal
blasphemy law (total contradiction to freedom of speech) is in Islam/Quran. The muslims are just following it. 
And to add to my previous comments. It isn't only Muslims who do this. In many deeply religious christian and jewish communities one can observe similar behaviours. In the US there are many fundamentalist christians who are equally as angry and extreme in their beliefs. Who also resort to all kinds of peculiar and often literal interpretations of the bible. These religious texts are meant to make us think about how we can be better persons and not to condemn, judge and punish others. 
Erling Andreassen
"Lady"? She's 11yrs old, you pedophiles!
And to clarify, not onlyu in Muslim countries, but people who claim to be Muslims living in the West. Many of them always appear angry. There has to be a reason for that and it isn't the Koran or because the feel like outsiders in Western countries. I think it is something many of them get from their mother's milk - i.e. it is ingrained in their cultural upbringing.
There is this apparent collective hate against everything and anything in many Muslim countries. To me it seems that there must be a lot of very unhappy, self-loating people. Because only people who hate themselves so intensely can procure such sustained hate against others and justify their hate with stupid and irrational interpretations of the Koran.
You mention waking up. How about waking up to the fact that are your gods are fairytales?
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