Ford Cummins Towing 98,000 lb Rail Car





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Published on Sep 3, 2009

12 V Cummins in 01 Superduty Tows rail car. We had to move a car on our spur at work so what better than CUMMINS POWER!

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Ned G-M
Jackass risking his life standing on the carriage, something snaps, a chain or bull bar or really anything at that tension, could slice through anyone.
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Cereal Killa
g zimmermann There could be a weakness or fatigue in the strap, cable, chain, whatever is being used to tow. I'd stay clear of it.
g zimmermann
+David Baizabal tires will break free far before the breaking strength/failure of that chain. the only way to load it up enough would be to bump it with the truck. orr weigh down the truck substantially, neither of which are happening. the trains stopping is a different story and requires manipulation of the brakes on the train.
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Mike Moore
Bult ford tough
Nicholas Dubé
Seriously, what's the fucking difference? Cummins and Powerstroke are both damn good brands. If someone puts a Cummins into a Ford or keeps the Powerstroke, that's his problem. I'm not opposed to a Powerstroke but i will stay away from the 6.0 and 6.4 for sure. It's sad they take out the 7.3 if it was the stock engine. One thing i can say i'ts a damn good looking truck and i hope this guy will take care of it. If you don't like my opinion, this video and Cummins engines fuck off and get out and go watch something you like, you guys should'nt care about that if you don't like this vid.
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Electronics For Fun
l love ford trucks, but in my experience... powerstroke sucks.
Dan G
+Tyler Facey have you guys ever seen the difference in the Piston size from the 6.0 - 6.4 and 7.3 but when it comes to Powerstroke or cummins or even Duramax I think it just comes down to personal preference I've seen them all break and when it comes to them breaking it's all on the driver
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Ryan Duggan
pulling a railcar doesnt prove a damn thing, we can pull a GP9 locomotive out of the shop with our little shop F150 with loads of miles and wear and tear.
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mathue taxion
+Katina B Says the person without a video posted to their account. Rolling resistance is extremely low on any freight car with roller bearings as this one is. On level track a person with decent build can push a car by themselves. R = A + BV + CDV² You can work it out yourself.
Larry Hostetler
+Katina B you realise the rolling resistance and the friction genetated between steel on steel is very low right? Pulling one locomotive is possible with a truck. A regular line haul freight locomotive weighs around 200 tons and generates upwards of 100,000 pounds of tractive effort. I've seen wheel reports from coal trains that are over 18,000 tons. Its all about friction and the grade that the track is on.
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It took all that to make the train car roll. This shows just how impressive Trains really are.
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Electronics For Fun
well they do have super strong electric motors with a diesel generator that strikes with the hand of stalin!
ironmatic 1
JBC Maybe that's because your average 100+ car train is hauled by about 14,000 horsepower...
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Lisa Faust
Where the hell do you get a ford cummins
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Herpn Derpn
Cameron Brule I own a 97 f800. I would not attempt to do anything it does with a light truck. It has a cummins and an Allison 545.
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Jesse D - Alberta Bros
To all you morons who don't understand the concept of MOTOR swap, go watch cat porn. I used to work at a Frac Sand Transload yard, and a 60hp tractor can pull 3 of these rail cars full. 96,000lb -106,000lbs. It'll crawl along as long as you have all the brakes off.
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+Jesse D....LariatttT Z711 (Dodge and gm file lawsuits next day) lol @ megatron
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No such thing as Ford with a Cummins. Thats a dodge engine.
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Destroked . Com
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Tim Mounce
Haters are going to hate but when you sell as many trucks as Ford sales the argument ends there!!!!
literally an irrelevant point
Highly doubt a Fummins could do this... Its just like that toyota Commercial wih the space shuttle 
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they never claimed it overcame the inertia of starting to move the shuttle they only proved it could keep it going which is much easier 
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