Rondie Plays Fire Emblem PoR: Endgame: Repatriation [6/6]





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Published on Mar 15, 2012


Again, on Easy/Normal, you can waltz up to him and smack at him with Ike, Nasir, and the laguz general of your choice. On Hard Mode he flies at you, and it's up to Ike and Nasir alone to take him down. Ashnard recovers 6 HP every turn, and likes to poke at Nasir since he's a little weaker than Ike. This is where have AT LEAST Resolve on Nasir comes in handy, since after two hits from Ashnard he'll activate it, and be able to do more damage per hit, AND double Ashnard. Even without crits from Wrath (which is the only way to crit Ashnard, as he's immune to non-Wrath crits), it will help speed up the fight. Have your Physic users on hand to heal as necessary, safely out of range of Ashnard. Try to avoid using the Ashera staff at this stage, as you'll want to save if for when. . .

Shut up Discord.

After you kill Ashnard once, he revives as Berserk Ashnard, with boosted stats, more HP, and a badass theme. Now, finally, you can call in a laguz general, who will arrive at the beginning of the next player phase. All the laguz generals can damage Ashnard, it is just a matter of personal taste. I picked Giffca since he has the least screen time, and also because Tibarn and Naesala come back in a big way in the next game, so you'll get to see more of them later.

Killing Berserk Ashnard is again made easier by having Resolve and/or Wrath on Nasir, and judicious use of the Ashera Staff. If you haven't got Resolve and/Wrath on Nasir, consider saving a few uses of the Hammerne staff so you can use it on the Ashera Staff to get more uses out of it. In my case, however, Nasir quickly shows Ash why dragons are known for their Wrath, and we waltz into the ending cutscene.

And that's Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance, hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the obligatory Epilogue!

Tech Specs:

Game: Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance, for Nintendo GameCube
Console: Wii
Difficulty: Hard Mode
First Playthrough (RANDOM stat growths)


Agent Elrond (ggorondie): Gameplay, narration, commentary
Roffie McMuttonchomper (egoroffie): Commentary, technical director, editor.

This video is part of the stupidly epic Rondie Plays Fire Emblems 9 AND 10: Path of Radiant Dawn series.

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