BioMetal (SNES) - Boss Run - Part 1





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Uploaded on Jul 19, 2009

No you aren't hearing things. Yes, that is the music from the film Space Jam playing in this video game. Yes, that is the game's actual soundtrack, and yes, it is indeed music by 2 Unlimited. Yes. It is surreal.
A generic shoot em up for the Super Nintendo whose main notable feature is.. well... it has a licensed soundtrack. The US and European versions anyway. The JPN release got an original soundtrack. Overall, I prefer the generic techno beats, but I'm a sucker for that sort of music anyway XP

It's main feature gameplay wise is the shield (G.A.M), which can be summoned at your leisure and even be flung at enemies to do additional damage. It has to recharge it's energy, during which time you are extremely vulnerable. The game relies more on knowing when to use it than anything else, as the screen is literarily flooded with bullets. (Something the poor SNES has a hard time coping with.)
It also contains one of the most frustrating shoot em up final bosses I've yet encountered outside a bullet hell game. That'll be next video. Needless to say, it can go and stay in that hell.

Generic enemy designs aside, the game features some impressive uses of the SNES's Mode7, and some nicely drawn backgrounds and the GAM Shield system is nice at least.

Boss Notes:
Stage 1:
Raise shield whilst boss is shooting. Stay above or below giant green laser. Fire shield whilst boss stops firing. Repeat.

Stage 2:
Coolest music in the game.. and the boss is a total walkover. Just sit on the edge and time your shield charges with it's firing. Easy.

Stage 3:
SubBoss: Slightly harder, but it's basically Stage 1's boss all over again.
Boss: Argh plant! The shield will block the Blue Plant's bullets but not the Spores the Red Plant fires. Keep out of the line of fire of the Red Plant and fire shield when they're all lined up for a shot.

Stage 4:
Don't get trapped! The hitbox for this thing is surprisingly forgiving, so you can get real close to it to damage it with your shield.

Stage 5:
SubBoss: It's Stage 2's boss again! No real differences but it fires slightly longer flame blasts. Get out of the way as it dies as the fire can still kill you at this point.
Turn shield off to charge when it's red.
Get into a safespot when it's blue, fire shield at it.
Get in front of it when it's yellow. Repeatedly fire shield.
Turn off shield.. repeat.

Now if only the final boss was as easy as the rest of the bosses... next video. You'll see. Ergh.


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