Who Do I Choose?~Charlie's One-Shot~Part 2~1/?





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Published on Jun 2, 2012

~ ImmaMindlessMuffinProductions® ~

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-10 o'clock At Charlie's House-

~~Continuing Charlie's POV~~
I was getting ready for Roc's party after Leya and Stas made me get a manicure. Stasi said I was tryna look good for Prod. Leya claimed it was for Roc. BOTH WRONG.  I admit it was nice and my fingernails were dope. I just hung out with Prod all day cause Roc is still being a jackass. Any who, it was a party so I still wanted to look good but not overdue it. I did all my hygiene stuff and grabbed my phone walkin down lookin swagged out- http://www.polyvore.com/party_time_fo...
I saw my mommy watching TV in the living room. 

Me:Mom, I'm going to Roc's.
Gabby:(looks up at me and gasps) Baby you look amazing!
Me:(smiles hard) Thanks ma but its not anything big. 
Gabby:Your hair looks real cute Char. (smiles)
Me:Thanks mommy. (kisses her cheek) I'm probably spending a night. Don't wait up. (starts walking out door) Love you. 
Gabby:Love you too. 

I got in my car, driving to Roc's house. I pulled up and heard Rack City by Tyga blasting from in the house and the strobe lights flashing. Damn this party boutta be crazy.

Roc's House- http://www.decoriz.com/wp-content/upl...

There were probably hundreds of kids probably just in Roc's pool!! It was crazy!! I saw Stas and Ray all bumpin and grinding on the wall and Leya was in Prince's lap making out with him. I felt my self looking for someone....and my eyes landed on Prod!! Stuffing his face with some Doritos. I laughed and made my way over. 

Me:(slides next to him and starts eating pizza) How's the chips?
Pros:(wearing- http://www.polyvore.com/prodigy_princ... mouth full) Oh well ya know-(looks at me and swallows food) CHARLIE! (swallows)
Me:(laughs) Hey Prod!!
Prod:(hugs me tight)
Me:(getting caught in hug, smiles and hugs back) 
Prod:(pulls away and looks me up&down) You look great. Like really amazing Charlie. (flirty smiles)
Me:(blushes hard) Thanks Prod. You look great too. 
Prod:(smiles) Thanks. Just a lil sum-sum I threw together. (pops collar and spins around) Ya know how ya boy do!! (winks)
Me:(laughs) Whateva Prod!! 

Me and Prod were eating and laughing and having a great time. I think he was boutta ask me something until I was pulled to the dance floor by somebody. I was boutta go GHETTO on someone until I found out it was Roc! -_-

Me:(crosses arms and rolls eyes)
Roc:(wearing- http://www.polyvore.com/mindless_beha... kisses my cheek) Yo Charlie wassup wit you not saying hi to me!?
Me:Oh so NOW you wanna talk to me!? After you being an ass during school!
Roc:I know, I know I'm sorry Charwee...(holds my waist and whispers all seductively  in my ear) Forgive me baby...(kissing my neck)

UGHH Roc was always doing this!! He'd always do something he knew I couldn't resist and then call me baby or something. He always had a little name for me that I couldn't help falling for. Roc just makes me feel....ugh!!

Me:(trying not to laugh pushes him off) UGHH Roc why you going this to me!? (trying not to smile)
Roc:(grins and holds my waist tighter) Cause you know you love me...so do I have my baby back? (innocent smiles)
Me:(melts and laughs) Course Rockie.
Roc:(kisses my cheek) Now dance with me. You are my DATE. (flirty smiles)
Me:(rolls eyes playfully and wraps fans around his neck)

Yay I got my buddy back! I love Roc so much. I rested my head on Roc's shoulder and my eyes immediately connected with Prod's. I felt so bad for just ditching him. I mouthed I'm sorry and he just gave a nod and went back to the food table. I looked down as Roc started swaying our bodies to- http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p5Jw-T4d...
Really!? -__- How more awkward could this get. I looked up again and Prod was gone. 

-When The Party Ends around 2am-

Everyone left the only people still here was Ray, Ley, Stas, Prince and Prod. 

Ray:(daps Roc) Mane, that party was dope man. 
Roc:(smiles) Thanks man. 
Ray:But me and Stas going uh home...(freaky smiles)
Roc:OHH I gotcha man. (smiles)
Stasi:(wearin- http://www.polyvore.com/fiery_hot/set... hugs Roc) Bomb ass party nigga. (daps Prince&Prod) Ley, Charlie, Imma text y'all later. (leaves with Ray)
Leya:(wearin- http://www.polyvore.com/still_got_it/... ) Same here. (hugs Roc&Prod) Bye y'all. (leaves with Prince)

And then there were 3. 

Roc:Yo Charlie you spending a night?
Prod:(sad tone) I guess I'll see y'all later. (walks out front door)
Roc:(shrugs and goes upstairs)
Me:(runs after Prod outside) Prod! Wait!
Prod:(turns around) Yeah Charlie?
Me:(holds his hand) I'm still coming over tomorrow. Don't forget that.
Prod:(smiles and pecks my lips) I won't. (gets in car car&drives off)


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