1. Black Justin Bieber

  2. Paulie D on Chatroulette!!

  3. Steadman and Evan jammin out to Attack Attack

  4. All my subcribers must wach this!

  5. Warning, extremely retared and pointless: PARKOUR

  6. Warning, Extremely Retarded and Pointless: Storytime FAIL.

  7. Goin camping.

  8. Human Dog eats mashed potatoes.

  9. Chillin wit mah homie jerome on summer break

  10. Lunch at Parma Senior High

  11. Kick ass T-Hawk Footage

  12. Gaudio & Zach spend the night part two(warning: really bad singing later in the vid)

  13. Gaudio&Zach Spend the night part one

  14. New camera = pointless vid bout my room

  15. friends 2.

  16. jerry springer.

  17. friends

  18. Retards waching South Park

  19. Two retards singin "Lips of an Angel"

  20. Warning: Extremely retarded and pointless

  21. knife only montage by KrazyKillaK

  22. gaudio behind the scenes

  23. Montage with TeamGodsOfGaming

  24. Retards playing MW2

  25. Pants on the Ground:Hilarious music video by kye and jerome

  26. lol stix ep1

  27. pivot battle

  28. super midget fight

  29. death reps days EP.1

  30. midget attack

  31. Altiars Tragic Accident