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Published on May 29, 2011

Drew PCM John (search him up on facebook or youtube if you don't know him) started to chirp us and say we couldn't make a rap, so we made a rap making fun of him. LYRICS BELOW.

Alright, Drew John. So you say we can't rap? (Aight, aight.)
Challenge accepted. We'll see who can't rap. (Let's make these "HT cats go crazy" aha) Alright. (Bitch you got no fans) Alright.

Bergman: Yo, Drew John i heard that you said we couldn't rap,
so i grabbed a pen and paper, started writing on my lap,
so before you try and diss and go opening your yap,
just turn your speakers up AND listen to me snap.
First off, how old are you? like 35?
Still in highschool? Why the fuck are you alive?
Writing raps alone then performing them high,
Going on facebook and chirping grade 9's,
And we can't fuckin hear you man, turn up your mic.
Stop posting shit on facebook and stop asking for likes.
Stop acting like you're black, you're as WHITE AS RICE.
You chirp my dawg keegan, you gon pay the price.
I'm a skinny white boy but my rhymes are sick.
I tear this beat up with these rhymes i spit.
You think i can't rhyme? Man i love this shit.
What's your response to this? (Man hop off my dick.
Your girlfriend loves it when she gives me brain!)
You're fuckin 19 man, what are you sayin?
You pedo fuckin creep, man you should be ashamed.
And get a damn job cause fuckin rap aint payin,
And if you're so fuckin gangster man, join the crips.
Ego so big, almost big as your nips.
Lemme settle down here, lemme give you a tip.
When you're drinking your Vex, take little small sips,
cause when you're drunk or high, you CANNOT RHYME.
You rap off beat, and you rap off time,
You have like 20 fuckin songs and not one good line,
and you spit on beats like you're def, dumb and blind.
(I'm fuckin dope bruh! 20,000 views.)
Shut the fuck up, you just spam it, you jew.
(Nah bra got too many bitches to do)
You copy rapper's lines.. Little Wayne's gonna sue.
When you say swear words, you replace letters with ex.
What the fuck does that mean? It doesn't even make sense.
And when you comment on shit, it just makes things all tense.
Just give up with music. It's fuckin common sense.
When it comes to rap, I'm a fuckin machine.
Keegan and Mike. We a damn good team.
And if You think you can rap, man in your dreams.
Dawg you just got served, and i'm fuckin fifteen..

Keegan: aha. alright my turn. Keegan's turn. Haha. Alright check this out.
Man, what can i say? Dawg how can i start?
Bergman just took your fatass and fuckin ripped it apart.
But what he was sayin man was only just a start,
First thing imma say is imma fuckin rip YOU apart.
I might be fourteen but i'll fuckin wreck you.
Beat your fatass, leave you pissin through tubes.
Milk your saggy tits, make this cow say MOO.
Think you'll beat me? You have fuckin man boobs.
FUCK you pussy. Call me to young?
Bitch shut the fuck up and fight me, you punk.
Give you a concussion it'll make you feel Krunk.
Getchu more dazed then that Vex that you drunk.
Never rapped before but we're better than you.
We're stayin on beat. Somethin you can't do.
Rappin' bout shit other then weed and boobs.
And your gettin' embarressed . What the fuck you gon do?
Aww what's the matter dawg? You gettin' embarressed?
This guys a gangsta? His real name's Clarence!
We don't steal our lines from some rapper, or our parents.
You're really fuckin bad, that's really my Declarence.
You getting pushed around by guys half your age.
You mad, bro? Cmon bitch i wanna hear you rage,
As for life, man i think we on a different page,
Cause in my, life Graduation is a stage.
But man, for a guy, you have pretty nice tats!
And by tats i mean tits in case you didn't know that.
I'll take all that fat, make it flat like matt.
And i walk allover you. And by the way, You're fat.
But for your raps i got some respect for your shit!
No wait no i don't because they suck camel Dick.
Before you start chirping me like a little prick,
maybe in the end, you shouldn't pussy out like a bitch.
You threaten to stab me, fuckin fatass prick?
Stupid ass cunt fuckin suck my dick.
and you won't even fight me, you think i'll snitch?
I'll fuckin rip you apart, leave you lieing in a ditch.
I'll take that fuckin' popper, shove it up your ass.
Fuck you up so bad, leave your body in a cast.
You don't fucking chirp me, You don't know my past.
And if you drop a reply, that song is your last.

Bergman: (Fuck the beat! i go accapella! Fuck a Papa Doc, fuck a clock fuck a trailor fuck EVERYBODY. FUCK Y'ALL IF YOU DOUBT ME. I'm a piece of fuckin white trash i say it proudly!
Now FUCK this battle i don't wanna win i'm outie. Here, tell these people something they don't know about me.

What? Is Drew John the only one who can copy lines?

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