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Published on Apr 29, 2012

A video dedicated to things chavs do.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarcusButlerTv
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A highly requested video was shit chavs do so i thought i'd put my thoughts into this video of what they do which annoys me. Hope you guys enjoy it :). If you do please share it on twitter and facebook :D.

What do chavs do that annoy you?
Thanks for liking the video and favouriting and all that lovely stuff that makes me happy in my panse :D.





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Marcus Butler
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Jordan Steward
I just recently move to UK to study and the eye contact thing happened to me, this girl was shouting at me like "oi, the fuck you looking at?" i got really scared lol I thought i did something wrong, now i know why :o
Heidi Young
if any american wants to see a chav from the uk watch the jeremy kyle show on youtube 😂
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I have a whole school of them
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Our father who art in prison, Mother who knows not his name. Thy chavdom come, thy shoplifting be done, in JJB sports as it is in Poundland. Give us this day our welfare bread, and forgive us of our ASBO's, As we happy slap those who give evidence against us. And lead us not into employment, but deliver us free housing. For thine is the chavdon, the burbery and the blackberry, forever and ever, Innit.
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The chav is an evolved human being, it has the IQ of 60-100 and has the attitude of thinking its a warrior. It's natural habitat is a council flat or tower block and consumes mainly food from LIDL and Iceland, to protect its self in winter it wears dirty tracksuits and gets every designer fashion known to man. It's general phrases consist of "I will fuck you up" "You got beef fam" As you can see Chavs are dirty shit bags. Take caution when approaching one.
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caoimhe kelly
I live near a family of chavs, and holy shit are they annoying as fuck. They go a tad overboard with names too, as the 3 year old is called Destiny-Beyonce. Swear to God.
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My school is 98% chavs. 😩
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Professional Gopnik
we have gopniks. they wear adidas, drink vodka and cheap 2L beer, eat sunflower seeds. u can usually find then in padjetz!
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How do I begin? About 2/3 or 3/4 of my school are chavs. They're usually the popular people in school just because they draw attention to themselves. That includes shouting out to be 'funny' in class or generally just having an attitude for no reason. They never care about their education and always copy people's homework. They always have to have the latest clothes from popular brands, i.e Adidas, Nike, NewLook, Hollister, Topshop, Pandora... They like to go to parties and the girls are usually sluts, wearing a mini skirt/ dress and a crop top with heels. The girls will usually take lots of selfies with people of both gender at the party making a pouty face. For a selfie the boys'll either put their arm around a girls waist or a boys shoulder (even if they're only 13). They like to have bfs and gfs at a young age and sometimes have their 'loved one's' name in their Instagram bio with heart emojis and the date of when their relationship started (last week). The girls will like to be tanned and will even apply fake tan (a bit too much) Let alone wear loads of makeup and a ring from Pandora. They always seem to use these emojis: 💯😻💦 For some unknown reason. The boys are real machos and like to think of themselves as 'big boys' or 'hard'. They probably play football (or Rugby in Wales) to generally be a boy and show off their 'skills' to boys and girls. They're probably homophobic and would beat up someone gay/bi-sexual (if they do this, their parents are probably homophobic themselves). They can't speak articulately (missing the double L in wall or the T in shoot) speaking a lot of slang as they go along. If you do speak articulately, they'll probably call you posh or a snob. In class they'll answer back a lot to the teacher and don't care if they get detention. They don't tend to read and they probably like to watch lots of soap operas. They don't eat at ethnic restaurants, they eat at fast food places (the girls thinking a McDonalds salad is healthy). They're probably not goth/emo/punk because they're afraid of being different and want to fit in with the rest of the chavs. They're probably the first to loose their virginity because they were sluts (they like making their boobs look bigger for boys). Chavs are working class families (most of the time) which means as jobs they make things (clothes, food, furniture, you name it ( lots of them work in shops). They probably don't have an interest in politics and will vote for a random candidate (that isn't UKIP). When their child is born, they'll get her ears pierced at a young age (even at the age of 1!) The worst thing of all is that they call other people chavs when they're chavs themselves!!! Now that really annoys me. The sad thing is, most of the people in Britain are chavs, only a small amount of them are middle class.
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Kelsey Ui Neil Kirkland
Most of my classes are filled with chavs and chavettes they annoy me while I'm studying and act like they're drug dealing rappers
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