Sufism - التصوف الصحيح والرد على زنادقة التصوف





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Published on Jan 30, 2009

No audio, just read. http://alsunna.org/sufisem.htm - This video has Sufi Hadra, with information on the true sufism compared to fake sufi-claimers of today. Sufism is part of Islam, and it's really being strict in following the religion of Islam and the way of Prophet Muhammad.

Sufism is performing all the obligations first, and exceeding in the optional deeds such as praying in the nights and making dhikr submissively. A true sufi is a real pious Muslim who is religious.

However many sufi claimers today are ignorant. They left the knowledge and they pretend they are sufis acting like them, leaving the obligations and having false beliefs, such people are far from being true sufis.

All true sufis were pious and knowledgeable and most were scholars with high status such as al-Jilani, ar-Rifa^iy, al-Junayd, Ma^roof al-Karkhiy, Dun-Nun al-Misriy and many others.

Sufis are against "Hulul", they disown the claim that Allah dwells in the creations, or that Allah is inside everything or everywhere. This belief negates Islam. The true belief of the sufis and all Muslims is that Allah exists without a place, He is not bound to space or place. Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is different from it.

الله موجود بلا مكان لا يحويه مكان. ليس بمحدود سبحانه لا يحل في شىء ولا ينحل منه شىء.




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