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Published on May 9, 2012

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Heather Marie
I find most people don't want a marriage, they want a wedding.
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Lmao I'd rather go and just sign the marriage paper and maybe throw a small family dinner. Nothing to expensive...
In a marriage, you know what I want and need? Intimacy, 💖, peace, & comprehension. What I don't want soon after I've tied the knot, is for us to hear something stupid that went on with me, that could lead to my bride calling her divorce attorney.
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Chubby Chaser
This video should be a requirement to graduate high school.
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Archn Scythe
+Nina Trevino Closed mindedness can go both ways. Look at the far left, and see what they are doing. Also allowing kids to come to conclusions on their own allows them to think for themselves. If kids aren't just told how they should feel or think, then they will have to go out and find the answers themselves. Hopefully that will reduce the amount of closed minded kids.
Nina Trevino
+Archn Scythe yo its not about telling people what to think. it's about teaching kids from a young age not to be close minded little fucks as most of today's generations kids are.
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I'm actually excited to see a Jenna & Julien wedding 😊🙆
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Catalina Williams
God: "Love thy neighbor." Person: "But they're gay...." God: "Did I fucking stutter?"
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Sue is here
lol this cracked me up!! bless you
Rosie Friis
EXACTLY... every comment here is spot on
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Scut Farkus
Jenna Marbles is crazy as hell but at least she knows how to think and doesn't go along with what society wants you to think. I'm going to subscribe.
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Sofia Mylona
+'Marialena K. ' 😂
'Marialena K. '
+Sofia Mylona εππ πατρίδαα :')
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she said 10 years. so 2022 guys get ready
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MizzPandiee MunchinOnYourFace
Was she with Max or Julian when this was made.? Because 5 years later she and Julian talk about it from time to time a joke and they call their pets their babies and such and they even threw a doggie wedding. I just hope she's happy for a long time. She's seems so happy with him. And Julian is such a patient guy. Husband goals.
Madison Nicole
Elyssae the world is gonna frikin explode and spam her
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"You can certainly have the commitment without all of that" This is so true. Its like being religious, and having to go to church.
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My point was not that someone must "punish" the guilty party and hence the marriage contract is important but simply that if one chooses to do so (and in many instances it is justifiable given the pain that is caused) they should have the option, marriage provides that safety net which relationships and dating don't. The idea is similar to a prenup.
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Original Abi
I totally agree, okay I got married young (22 - husband 31) but we got married in a home affairs, we woke up one day and said Lets get married today. coincidentally it was valentines day. but I didn't have a wedding, I didn't even have a ring for the first year, it just wasn't important.We were broke, didn't have a lot and we have never regretted it 4 years later. We have built such a good life, I wouldn't change any of it - I never want a wedding and crap. My husband and son are all I need. I have a silver ring that I never wear and we ate dinner on the night of our wedding at a take out place. PERFECT
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Original Abi
I love you say you still have a crush on him... sometimes I look at my husband and I tell him "you know what? I really like you, I like you so much". and it seems weird because yes you love the person, but it's even better when you still feel like a teenager with a crush on someone.
Original Abi
a year on, still very happily married and although we are doing financially better than in the beginning, we are still feet-on-the-ground stay-at-home people. Love him more than ever and have so much respect for what he sacrifices for us to give us everything. BUT I know we may fall on hard time again, and if that ever happens I will eat pilchards on toast with him for dinner any night...
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Michael Block
I'm not trying to be closed minded but I would be deeply concerned about the direction of our culture if folks started wanting to marry penguins and/or boxes of fruit roll ups.
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Detective Cranberry
Irene Antonius I like that people are still replying and having arguments now just 10/10
Eat Veggies - Save Me
So, killing soldiers and civilians in the middle east for oil is okay with you then? I'd rather see a guy marrying a penguin than seeing people dying to make my life a little more comfortable in the U.S.
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Damn, I just hate it when people fall in love with the same gender! Since it affects my life so much
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