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Published on Feb 28, 2010

I do NOT take Credit for or from the song, band, or record company.

Drowning doom Avatar belongs to that of Tim Schafer and the people that put all of their hard work into Brutal Legend.

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Damn you suckers... make Brütal Legend 2 allready damn
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Angelus Nielson
They're busy with Psychonatus 2 right now.
+SabreMetalPanzer and if they try through kickstarter as system shock? it could be work
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Dark Ophelia is best Ophelia.
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dark ophelia was better ... more sexy
dark ophelia i called as gothic ophelia..but jack black love nice ophelia as in emo ophelia..hehehe
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Specy J
The whole writing and script of the game felt that it would have made a great 3d animated series for a channel like Adult Swim. The game had its setbacks, but the cut-scenes felt like an actual TV show.
Sadie Fleischman
I would watch that show.
vinicius alves
Vlad Timofte
Drowning Doom is the best faction! I don't wanna mean they have awsome teritorry and powerful wildbeasts the awsome location is the cemetery at the end of the highway.
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+Vlad Timofte I love their mind control mechanic, I really wish they had a playable campaign, maybe ophielia retaining control over the tear drinkers after eddie saves her and leading a secondary campaign or something.
+miciso666 Mirror is short for mirror match, aka both players running the same faction/deck/character(s).
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Fellipe Fabbri
EA was involved with BL. They should help double fine with BL2.
If EA did that, it'd be published with 156 songs as DLC
M. Bison
Bottom of that half of the map, right side. Solo that drops a goddam flaming zeppelin on foes
Bring it on home! I love the smell of the burning zeppelins when the light of dawn shines!
Ainslie Hunter
Can someone give me tips on defeating Drowned Ophelia? Pls halp
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Ainslie Hunter
Domo Von Imperium Thank you so much!
Domo Von Imperium
late to the party, but learn infinte combo spam razor girls and battle cry call of the wild near her stage (dry ice mines) basically blob up until you can upgrade your razor girls then just steamroll everything oh dont forget thunder hogs and a group of firebarons
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I Syvinx
i need to play this game again and get all the achievments to o:
Dr. Eggman
I was so goddamn disappointment, when it was found out what Drowned Ophelia isn't the real Ophelia. I really hoped Ironheade and Drowned Doom would unite to fight Tainted Coil (and I really hoped what there would be an entire chapter dedicated to fighting with Doviculus and reliberating West Lands). They could have healed Ophelia (and other Teardrinkers) with power of True Metal (and Eddie could have sing an entire song dedicated to Ophelia)! p.s. Also... Am I the only one who found it stupid what the moment Eddie saved Ophelia from the bottom of Lake of the Black Tears they IMMEDIATELY started to make out? I would expect from Ophelia to slap Eddie atleast once for breaking her heart before kissing him.
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Kefka dirge
I THINK EVERYONE fought the same
Domo Von Imperium
+Dr. Eggman well the thing is ophelia still has the black waters in her, as seen near the end the drowned version was similar to an alter ego, the sea is a sentient being after all and the puppet concept does work, just needed someone to mold its power/vessal
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